BB&G C-Notes Week Ending Aug 22-25 – Politics And More

Whats up family!  I normally do this blog by myself.  But recently I ran into an old school mate, (actually he’s a bit older than me) named Charlie Bubba.  Charlie is an old school cat from the East Side.  I used to watch him shoot hoops when I was a kid.  Great guy!  I mean, he was not just some neighborhood bum.  He didn’t have much, and if you look at him it would seem with his old rags, baseball cap and missing teeth, this southern fried cat didn’t look as if he would have anything to say worth listening to.  But I tell you what… Give this guy a 40 and just sit down for a minute and he has a way of kicking the philosophy down like the ghetto Langston Hughes or something.  Hmm.  I sat down with Charlie Bubba, and asked his opinion on the Obama campaign.  Here’s what he had to say.

Well I’ll tell ya what C… I been watchin this young cat Boma.  And I have to say that up until this point, he has shown the smoothest pimp game I ever saw.  I mean damn!  I never thought I would see the day when a brotha man really had a chance to paint the White House black you know what I’m sayin… But Chicago got it goin on.  I have to give him props.  First he ran for the senate and made a damn fool outta that punk ass Alan Keyes.  Next thang ya know, homie is upstate announcing he’s running for pres.  Shiiiit!   (As he takes a puff of the Budda) After that he runs a pimp ass program against Bill’s wife.  And you know, his shit was still on point during some crucial challenges.  He gave the speech about race, which was pimp – Amerikka tried to argue wit it but you know them Fox watchers can see a nigga shine and gone always try to throw shade on him.  He shook off his preacher which normally would be a death sentence to the black community.  But I mean we got past that cause the Reverend showed his ass at the press club.  So he played the game the way he had to… smooth.  He has to be that non-threatening vanilla ass brotha so he wouldn’t scare middle America white folks away. 

Now that shit was smooth then.  But a nigga need to know when there is a change in the weather you know what I’m sayin?  He needs to change the game a bit and get with the program cause vanilla got him this far but he’s gonna have to flip the script now if he wants to be the man – cause that soft ass ambassador shit ain’t gone get it with this nigga McCain.  I mean look C, he did what he had to do with Bill’s wife.  Shit that gal did damn near everything in the book to break a nigga down.  And he had to smile for the most part cause he couldn’t be seen as too harsh on Miss White Pantsuit lady.  Oh hell 2 the naw America wasn’t gone stand for that.  So he smiled and gave her the olive branch, acted all diplomatic and shit.  He was smart enough to know that Luda could call her a bitch but he couldnt.  And it got him through.  But this nice shit done got the nigga lookin weak now.  I mean Bill ain’t calmed his ass down since the primary’s, and him and his wife got prime time spots in the convention next week ya dig?  I can see he want her voters, but damn how much is he gone kiss that ass?  Now McCain is all in his ass about his patriotism and comparing him to them skank hoes on TV.  And there is Boma sayin, “Well I ain’t gone question the man’s patriotism and shit. He’s a great American”  Hell fuck that shit.  Look man Boma needs to come with it cause this nigga McCain’s numbers are coming up and its cause he’s making Boma look like a punk.  See this here’s the big show.  And hell McCain and the ‘publicans playin for keeps!  Shit.  I know he’s been trying to avoid looking like the angry negro, but hell at some point he needs to show America that he got some nuts.  McCain’s been belittlin his ass from the git go.  Makin fun of him and shit.  Time for Boma to show that nigga he is from the South Side of Chicago and get gangsta with that ass.  (politically speaking of course) 

See that calm negro shit was cool before – hell necessary cause else they-da did him like he was Sharpton or Jesse and shit.  But that being said, even niggas like me now a days want a president that I know will kick a little ass if he needs to.  I am sure the rest of America wants to see that too.  And lets face it C, – look at what Boma dealin with.  McCain ain’t like Bush punk ass AWOL from the National Guard gettin coked out and listening to The Stones.  His ass was a fuckin POW!  Maybe he don’t know how many cribs he got, but shit this nigga used to eat lizards and bugs and shit to survive in the fuckin’ Ming-Cong jungle!  You think he won’t do any and everything to Boma’s ass to get in the White House?   Sheeeeet!  (Takes another swig from the 40)

I say he needs to go back to the cinema and put some of them old movies in his VCR-a to know how to deal with white folks like him.  Look and see how a real nigga acts.  He’s done enough Sidney Portier.  Nigga needs to go Jim Brown, “Dirty Dozen” on that ass!  Show them he can shoot the biggest guns, run the show and screw Raquel Welch at the end like it wan’t shit!  Then he may be able to finish this shit off in November. 

On that note I gave a dap to Charlie and told him later.  Before I hopped in my Jetta though I asked him if he’s watched any of the Team USA Basketball olympic coverage since I know he’s a big hoops fan.  He smiled with his toothless grin and shook his head as if to say, “Of course!”  Then he dropped his last bit of knowledge.

Yea I think them niggas gone win the gold and shit.  Hell if they don’t Shaq gone make a new record!  “Team USA couldn’t do without me!  Hey Dream Team, tell me how my ass taste!”

Charlie is a real character.  He’s always got a fresh perspective I’m not used to hearing.  Back to my thoughts now.

Rest in Peace Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones 1949-2008

and former NFL great and NFL Players Association President Gene Upshaw 1944-2008

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The last couple weeks have been tough on black folks. 

On a happier note congratulations to my Aunt Eleanor who celebrated her 65th birthday last weekend.  She is a great matriarch and a family treasure.



First Blood: Chinese visa rejection should open floodgates for dissent


US Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek

When asked the other day if USA Basketball players should speak out on human rights issues in China, Kobe Bryant said in effect that he and other players are not politicians but are there to “play the game.”  Normally I would say that’s a big cop-out!  After all, we know the power of the dollar these days and how much marketing makes a difference as players follow the “Jordan Rules” for remaining race and issue neutral on all things that do not pertain to promoting themselves or their brand.  I could site LeBron James’ reluctance to speak out about Nike sweat shops as an example. 

For sure the days of the concious athlete, i.e. Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, John Carlos and Tommy Smith, hell Billy Jean King are gone for the most part.  The rare exceptions for example are basketball players like Adonal Foyle, Dikembe Mutombo, and Etan Thomas.  Craig Hodges the former sharpshooter for the Bulls during the early Jordan years gave a letter to the president at the Rose Garden during their championship visit.  The letter talked about poverty and brought up issues that Hodges and others were concerned about that rarely ever get presidential attention.  He was blackballed by the league after that.  These people are conscious of not just their personal benefit and consumption from the sport, but of community and world affairs.  I don’t expect Kobe Bryant to know or care much about Tienanmen Square in 1989.  I don’t know that he is familiar with the issues regarding greater Los Angeles.  I would rather those speak who do know the issues so that the” stars” don’t make fools of themselves or degrade the cause.

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And so it goes with these Olympic games in Beijing.  I didn’t expect athletes with monolithic perspectives to chime in on weighty issues such as the Chinese human rights policy or the geopolitical stand of The Dali Lama.  Too bad the Olympics are in China in the first place, but perhaps we could just play nice and get through the games.  NOT!  Not now that the Chinese government has revoked the visa of Olympic Gold Medalist skater Joey Cheek.  Cheek is the founder of Team Darfur, a group of 70 athletes whose goal is to raise awareness of the human rights violations taking place in the Darfur region of The Sudan as told by Yahoo Sports.  China has many military, economic and diplomatic ties to The Sudan.

Again, initially I understood the modern athlete’s reluctance to get into political discussions during the games.  After all, it takes all one has just to prepare to qualify to compete with the best in the world on the world’s biggest stage.  The Olympics only happen once every four years.  Many American athletes have toed the line and not made any political statements regarding Chinese human rights issues and have focused their energies to promoting the games and making them attractive to fans, who may not otherwise know them.  However, China has thrown down the gauntlet two days before the opening ceremonies themselves.  American athletes should respond likewise by voicing their disdain for the way the Chinese have decided to treat Cheek.  They should use every opportunity especially during the medal presentations to make it their business to rally around a fellow American.  Talk about patriotism!  This is not a time to be politically correct but to make a morally definitive statement in supporting another American’s attempt to make the world better.  With the treatment of a great American like Cheek, it is unacceptable for any athlete to say with a straight face that it’s “just about the games.”  Damn the endorsements – speak truth to power!