Catching Up On Random Rants, Continued

It’s not that I haven’t had much to say these days.  I have just been busy as all get out.   So I will attempt to burn on a few things while I’m here.  I miss communicating with the readers and other bloggers.  I look forward to catching up on whats been on your mind.  Meanwhile, here’s what’s been on mine.

First and foremost;

Rest In Peace Senator Kennedy

Once he got over trying to be president he became one of the greatest public servants ever.  Much respect!   

Mourners stand on the steps of the U.S. Capitol

The Healthcare Bill,

Protesters at a town hall meeting with Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter

Been watching this one a while.  Overall I’ve been silent and a bit discouraged to talk about it for a few reasons.  Number one, all of the outburst at the town hall meetings where folks act a damn fool.  Two, the misinformation from people like the Governor turned quitter who said that there would be “death panels’.  I mean be for or against the bill but to lie about it is just ridiculous and really speaks to how most politicians really are not interested in serving, let alone democracy.  Three the clear racism within the debates.  It’s still the elephant that folks don’t want to talk about.  But Representative DAVID SCOTT (Democrat, Georgia) broke it down recently in an interview on NPR.    Here is some of what he had to say about opposition communication he has received:

“These are things I’ve been getting in the mail. First is a picture of Obama painted up to look like the clown from Batman, the Joker, from Batman. On his forehead is a sickle. Underneath it is said, death to all Marxists, foreign and domestic. You know, where that’s getting at, from the (unintelligible) reference. Then it says, to nigger David Scott. You were, you are, and you shall forever be nothing but a nigger.

The Ethiopian cannot make himself white – taken from Euripides. And then, here’s another letter: Congressman David Scott, regarding the government health care legislation. First, you are a member of the Congressional bank caucus. You’re a racist, because whites don’t have membership. Secondly, you should not be re-elected next year. You’re going down to defeat and any of your colored constituents ain’t going to stop it…..When you’ve people making claims, I want my America back, they weren’t saying that before.”

Exactly!  What they are saying is that they want a white face in the White House.  Period.  And then when you look at some of the stupid folks who talk; like the guy who said, “I don’t want the government in my medicaid.”  How stupid is that?  I am utterly convinced after watching this thing go on that for most of the detractors it’s simply an issue of race.  A black man can give them salvation but they be hard pressed to take it if it came from him. 

I also take issue with the Obama administration taking a step back from the public option.  That’s what this has all been about in terms of what was promised.  I’d rather see him go down like a soldier than to put a weak bill into play in order to garner enough support from republicans who will curse him regardless. 

What is most disturbing about the debate is how there are so many Americans without a lick of health insurance, who can’t afford to see a doctor and whose only option is the emergency room, standing up fighting against something in their own best interest for racial reasons.  But that’s the thing about race.  For many it trumps even the most basic and fundamentals of common sense.  Just think about it, as the economy went sour and all these folks were losing their jobs, the very politicians who were in charge of the coffers and NOT offering them anything, those who cut unemployment benefits etc. are now rallying them against having at least some options of health care regardless of the amount of money they do or do not make.

I tend to agree with someone else I heard on the radio recently who broke it down this way.   Newt Gingrich said so long ago that if the Democrats were to pass a successful health care bill that the Republicans would basically be toast.  For many republicans I believe this is how they feel and they may be right to a degree.  One thing I know the republican party, regardless of the reasons, they are perfectly willing to rile up racist to sing the rhymes.  And for America thats a sad thing.


Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino pauses during a news ...

 I know it’s old news but I have to catch up right?

Were you buying what Rick Pitino was selling?  I’m not judging the man’s character at all.  I mean I have made my share of personal blunders.  What gets me however is the way these cats often try to cover things in the media the way they do.  The man impregnates a woman that he’s not married to in a restaurant!  Hits it another time or two and then gives her money for an abortion.  But he can’t really just admit that.  Oh no his attorneys want us to believe he dropped 3 Large on her for health insurance.  Hey, it’s a distinction without a difference!

And what is up with this crazy ass woman?  In strict ghetto terms she had Pitino by the balls initially, (no pun intended) and could have gotten a thing or two out of it.  But to demand all the things like a house, two cars, college tuition for kids that the coach didn’t father, a monthly treasure and then to finally say, “Oh what the hell, just give me $10 million and call it a day..”  This is what you call STUPID!  He did the right thing by going to the FBI.  She thought she was going to be in his pocket terrorizing him for the rest of his natural days.  Now she’s going to jail.  DUMB!   Greed is a mother for ya! 

The Saga Continues

 Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre (4) looks to pass ...

Ok, so I don’t give a damn about Brett Favre.  But I will watch and hope he gets his ass kicked.  It’s not that I don’t think dude should play.  He is just such a Prima-Donna.  He sits out camp and just shows up with this BS story about how Brad Childress called him the other day to give him one more chance to come back – and THEN he had the never to invoke his daughter in the decision.  Basically he said, “I don’t fear lineman chasing after me, but when my little girls walks up to me crying and saying, ‘Daddy, I want you to win one more Super Bowl, that moves me.”

What?  Man just do what you do.  Show up, chuck the ball all over the place, throw pics, divide the locker room, cash the check and take your ass back to Mississippi and do another Wrangler’s commercial.  See ya next year Brett!

And really, I don’t blame Brett as much as I do Brad Childress.  He is all but holding Brett sausage for him when he takes a leak.   It’s pitiful how he put his coaching career not to mention the whole team’s future into Brett Favre. 

Ok, my final burn – Lebron “Not The King” James

I used to be such a big Lebron fan.  I traveled by car for 6 1/6 hours to Columbus, OH to see dude play in high school.  His NBA career has been stellar and I am still amazed by his talents and physical presense.  But his head is just too damn big nowadays.  Before he was polished, corporate and a downright bull on the court.  Now he’s arrogant and I think he really thinks he is a king.

It took me a while to come to this conclusion on James.  The first episode was the time he played a preseason game in Rochester N.Y.  (look it up I don’t have all the time to site everything today- it’s there) Anyway, folks spent all this money to watch him play in a non NBA city.  Not only does Lebron NOT play, he gets up during the game and walks to the scorers table, and as the crowd stands and claps in anticipation, shrugs his shoulders and sits down laughing.  That was weak – not the way you treat fans!

The second was the whole handshake gate after Orlando bounced the Cavaliers out of the playoffs.  He still continues to act as if it was OK not to shake hands.  But he knows that’s BS and yet he refuses to even man up on that.

Third was “dunk gate” when the college kid dunked on him in camp, only to have Lebron have the Nike cronies seize the tape.  Of course TMZ (those media vampires – that’s another blog) got a hold of the tape.  It wasn’t even a big deal.  But Lebron is so interested in keeping a rep that he tries to not allow the kid his place in the sun.  As Jim Rome often says, the cover-up is mostly always worse than the crime.  Part of Lebron’s hype as a younger man was via the Internet.   If something another kid does helps him out, let it be.  But nooooo can’t do that!   And if he thinks Shaq is going to help him land a ring… in the words of Senator Clay Davis from The Wire…. ‘Sheeeeeeet’

While Kobe is in someones gym working on his game, Shaq is touring the nation doing reality TV.  As Chad Ochocinco would say, “Child please.”

BB&G C-Notes Week Ending Aug 22-25 – Politics And More

Whats up family!  I normally do this blog by myself.  But recently I ran into an old school mate, (actually he’s a bit older than me) named Charlie Bubba.  Charlie is an old school cat from the East Side.  I used to watch him shoot hoops when I was a kid.  Great guy!  I mean, he was not just some neighborhood bum.  He didn’t have much, and if you look at him it would seem with his old rags, baseball cap and missing teeth, this southern fried cat didn’t look as if he would have anything to say worth listening to.  But I tell you what… Give this guy a 40 and just sit down for a minute and he has a way of kicking the philosophy down like the ghetto Langston Hughes or something.  Hmm.  I sat down with Charlie Bubba, and asked his opinion on the Obama campaign.  Here’s what he had to say.

Well I’ll tell ya what C… I been watchin this young cat Boma.  And I have to say that up until this point, he has shown the smoothest pimp game I ever saw.  I mean damn!  I never thought I would see the day when a brotha man really had a chance to paint the White House black you know what I’m sayin… But Chicago got it goin on.  I have to give him props.  First he ran for the senate and made a damn fool outta that punk ass Alan Keyes.  Next thang ya know, homie is upstate announcing he’s running for pres.  Shiiiit!   (As he takes a puff of the Budda) After that he runs a pimp ass program against Bill’s wife.  And you know, his shit was still on point during some crucial challenges.  He gave the speech about race, which was pimp – Amerikka tried to argue wit it but you know them Fox watchers can see a nigga shine and gone always try to throw shade on him.  He shook off his preacher which normally would be a death sentence to the black community.  But I mean we got past that cause the Reverend showed his ass at the press club.  So he played the game the way he had to… smooth.  He has to be that non-threatening vanilla ass brotha so he wouldn’t scare middle America white folks away. 

Now that shit was smooth then.  But a nigga need to know when there is a change in the weather you know what I’m sayin?  He needs to change the game a bit and get with the program cause vanilla got him this far but he’s gonna have to flip the script now if he wants to be the man – cause that soft ass ambassador shit ain’t gone get it with this nigga McCain.  I mean look C, he did what he had to do with Bill’s wife.  Shit that gal did damn near everything in the book to break a nigga down.  And he had to smile for the most part cause he couldn’t be seen as too harsh on Miss White Pantsuit lady.  Oh hell 2 the naw America wasn’t gone stand for that.  So he smiled and gave her the olive branch, acted all diplomatic and shit.  He was smart enough to know that Luda could call her a bitch but he couldnt.  And it got him through.  But this nice shit done got the nigga lookin weak now.  I mean Bill ain’t calmed his ass down since the primary’s, and him and his wife got prime time spots in the convention next week ya dig?  I can see he want her voters, but damn how much is he gone kiss that ass?  Now McCain is all in his ass about his patriotism and comparing him to them skank hoes on TV.  And there is Boma sayin, “Well I ain’t gone question the man’s patriotism and shit. He’s a great American”  Hell fuck that shit.  Look man Boma needs to come with it cause this nigga McCain’s numbers are coming up and its cause he’s making Boma look like a punk.  See this here’s the big show.  And hell McCain and the ‘publicans playin for keeps!  Shit.  I know he’s been trying to avoid looking like the angry negro, but hell at some point he needs to show America that he got some nuts.  McCain’s been belittlin his ass from the git go.  Makin fun of him and shit.  Time for Boma to show that nigga he is from the South Side of Chicago and get gangsta with that ass.  (politically speaking of course) 

See that calm negro shit was cool before – hell necessary cause else they-da did him like he was Sharpton or Jesse and shit.  But that being said, even niggas like me now a days want a president that I know will kick a little ass if he needs to.  I am sure the rest of America wants to see that too.  And lets face it C, – look at what Boma dealin with.  McCain ain’t like Bush punk ass AWOL from the National Guard gettin coked out and listening to The Stones.  His ass was a fuckin POW!  Maybe he don’t know how many cribs he got, but shit this nigga used to eat lizards and bugs and shit to survive in the fuckin’ Ming-Cong jungle!  You think he won’t do any and everything to Boma’s ass to get in the White House?   Sheeeeet!  (Takes another swig from the 40)

I say he needs to go back to the cinema and put some of them old movies in his VCR-a to know how to deal with white folks like him.  Look and see how a real nigga acts.  He’s done enough Sidney Portier.  Nigga needs to go Jim Brown, “Dirty Dozen” on that ass!  Show them he can shoot the biggest guns, run the show and screw Raquel Welch at the end like it wan’t shit!  Then he may be able to finish this shit off in November. 

On that note I gave a dap to Charlie and told him later.  Before I hopped in my Jetta though I asked him if he’s watched any of the Team USA Basketball olympic coverage since I know he’s a big hoops fan.  He smiled with his toothless grin and shook his head as if to say, “Of course!”  Then he dropped his last bit of knowledge.

Yea I think them niggas gone win the gold and shit.  Hell if they don’t Shaq gone make a new record!  “Team USA couldn’t do without me!  Hey Dream Team, tell me how my ass taste!”

Charlie is a real character.  He’s always got a fresh perspective I’m not used to hearing.  Back to my thoughts now.

Rest in Peace Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones 1949-2008

and former NFL great and NFL Players Association President Gene Upshaw 1944-2008

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The last couple weeks have been tough on black folks. 

On a happier note congratulations to my Aunt Eleanor who celebrated her 65th birthday last weekend.  She is a great matriarch and a family treasure.