Let The Games Begin

Murray State Racers celebrate after forward Danero Thomas (center) made the game-winning shot. (Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE)

To tell you the truth I don’t know as much about the who and the who in the NCAA tournament this year.  I spent so much time officiating basketball the last few months that I’ve hardly had time to get much more than highlights.  I hear Kansas is really good.  And you can’t watch any college basketball highlights without seeing and hearing a lot of John Wall. 

Historically though and year after year the teams just keep getting better.  Most of the so called lower seed teams have more quality players than ever.  One can look at a cat like Stephen Curry who is one of the top NBA rookies and think of all the coverage Davidson got over the last couple years. 

I look foward to seeing how this year’s tournament turns out.

*Pictured: Murray State celebrates after beating Vanderbilt on Thursday

Basketball Jones and Hoops Junkies Week; Day 2

Report from Nashville,

It’s a beautiful partly cloudy day in Opryland.  The temperature is supposed to get to 69 degrees.  Nevertheless the strange infection known as bracket-hoopollus seems to be spreading around offices abroad.  Just like in New York, what started off as a sneeze is getting a bit more serious.  People are walking a bit slower and seem to be a bit weaker.  Here is how one Fed-X employee described his struggle.

Yea I thought this would be a 24 hour thing.  But it seems to be a bit rougher than I thought.  I’m a soldier though.  I expect to get better and I plan on toughing it out.  I won’t be leaving early or anything like that. 

** Reporters notes:  For whatever reason, the symptoms of this infection always seems to strike when the boss is near.  Whenever Mr. Jones walks out of his office, he pauses as the sounds of coughing and sneezing sounds bark out simultaneously.  This is really strange. 

Tune in tomorrow where we’ll be reporting from Tuscon!