10 Things I Hate to See ~ Especially In Black Folks

Mothers who cuss at their babies…. in public especially

Fathers who are absent from their children’s lives

Fathers who are present but may as well not be

Young people who are disrespectful to adults and older people. 

Adults and older people who don’t understand or respect the value and potential of the younger generation.  We have to learn to bridge the gap between the generations.  We can only do that together.  Each group has it’s reasons to exist.  One cannot function at it’s best without the other.

Saggin pants is one thing – I don’t have to like it.  But when the jenk is right above the knees and they literally walk with one hand holding the front of the pants up from completely falling to the ground….  What is up with that??

Tatoos on the hands, neck, face etc. when you’re young and don’t have any money and are looking for a job.

Folks who throw trash out the car window… That is some truly trifling shit. 

Folks who know their candidate of choice is whack, but refuse to speak the truth about it.

Folks who don’t vote because, “It doesn’t matter,” or “they are going to do what they do anyway.”  No the issue is that far too many of us (Americans) are apathetic and take far too much for granted, not understanding that the most astute constituents keep political leads in check.  When the public is uneducated or aloof, meandering about their miserable lives, then the few are able to control the fate of the many via the purse strings of lobbyist.  In other words, if there are 100 people voting in an election, and 80 of them are poor/middle class but astute, their votes will outweigh the value of any amount of money the remaining 20% could pay.  So do the math , get involved, educated. and participate.   

3 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate to See ~ Especially In Black Folks

  1. shai says:

    “Mothers who cuss at their babies”-When my daughter(who is now 18) was a teen, the cuss words came, I did not use them all the time, hey kids get to ya. I think of a Bill Cosby tape where he said kids will make ya cuss.

    I feel ya though on the parents who do that and do it all the time.

    “Folks who throw trash out the car window… That is some truly trifling shit. ” -YES! I thought I was the only one.

  2. Rich says:

    cussing out your kids as a way of life

    all these effing tatoos

    the cats holding the front of the pants while they sag below the knees

    throwing trash out the car window while driving, like they dirt azz car can’t hold another bag till they get to where they are going.

    Somedays I could just scream. I said i was going to make me a shirt that says “I See Nigga’s” cause I’m tired of all this trifling mess.

  3. abbey says:

    Ooops I curse at my kids. Ha not every sentance that comes out of my mouth. There are times that they arnt going a lil crazy but they have completly lost there F’N minds and evey curse word i know comes out in duplicate, right after “have you lost your fuckin mind.”

    Trash out the window bout blows my mind, there are trash cans everywhere cant find one leave a bag in the back of the car on the floor, or just hold it for a sec jeez

    If your gonna sagg do it with some some class jeez dont wear the holy or ummm skid marked boxers yes i have seen this. All pants are above ones butts when my boys walk out the door.

    Ill just stay off the political part with ya 🙂

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