The Great Debators or Great Deflators…..













So here we are again with another debate in store between Obama and McCain McSame.    Lately McSame and Palin Shamelin have been trying to use the scare tactics in their campaign speeches against Obama.  She has gone with the, “This is not a man who sees American like you see America, and as I see America..” (wink wink – card) meaning that he sees the world through a “black” lense.  And he has gone to the, “Who is the real Senator Obama... translation, “You don’t really know the Negro and he’s too unpredictable card.”

According to the latest polls, Obama is increasing his lead.  And the word on the street is that McSame is going to “take off the gloves” in tonight’s debate.  Usually that means attacking Obama and not talking about the issues such as the economy, education, etc.  We all know he has nothing substantive to say on those issues. 

Just like last week’s VP debate, Shamelin had nothing more than predetermined sound bites, a few winks, oh shucks and some shout outs to offer.  Hmm, I wonder what America’s reaction would be if that were Michelle Obama talking all “folksy” that way?   Would her uneducated tone come off so endearing?  But I digress. 

On one hand it shows that many in America are relatively savvy in that they enjoy watching Tina Fey do Palin more than they enjoy Palin herself – meaning they don’t take Palin very seriously.  On the other hand while we laugh at her ridiculous presentation, in less than a month this lunatic could be a  heartbeat away from the nuclear codes.  Laugh as we may we need to take this election seriously and not sleep on the consequences.

So let’s just see what happens.  McCain says he’s going to be “bout it bout it” and Obama has been pretty much a gentleman most of the time.  I did hear him say on the Tom Joyner Morning Show yesterday morning that he may not throw the first punch, but he will throw the last one.  (That is when it comes to using hard core political attacks – see Roland Martin link) The Maverick as he calls himself is feeling a bit desperate.  And it will be interesting to see if he poses that same smirk he rocked in their last debate. 

I just want him to keep it real.  Don’t shake Obama’s hand.  Don’t whisper niceties in his ear – just be thug about it.  I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a big hype and then the commentators are left to say the debate was “civil.”  Bring the heat McCain.. let’s see what your workin with.

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