Trick or Palin!

Palin 2012

She is totally setting her own political machine even in the midst of this current election – throwing The Mummy under the bus!  Hell he should use these last few days to campaign against her!  Can I host that debate?


2 thoughts on “Trick or Palin!

  1. abbey says:

    Ok so as you know Nov 4th will be my first time ever voting, gotta make sure Im a part of history in the making, Not the future of America breaking. But your above blog has got me worried about 4 years from now. I would rather keep Bush than bring in Palin, Im much more comfortable with an evil that I know, not really tring to bring in an evil that I dont know.

  2. bbgcmac says:


    Congratulations on registering and taking this important step in becoming involved with the future of the nation! Don’t worry about four years from now – make it count tomorrow!

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