Poems by Resonate: Flowers from Beneath the Concrete

This piece was inspired by a special friend of mine.  Let’s call her Spunky Noel.  Anyway, she is a person I admire and respect a lot because she has been through hell and back – and in spite of having a life that makes it justifiable to hate and resent everything humanity, she’s managed to shine incredibly and love tremendously.  She is a gift to her family, friends and indeed to everyone she touches.  1 Love Spunk~




Flowers from Beneath the Concrete


Rough the beginning

Lost with no roots

Momma’s alone and daddy got boots

Walked and who knows what he knew

Still it offered no stability for you


What of you next, oh ummm let’s see

Taken in by a brand new family

Fostered by the system so tender so young

The Wooky Woo Woo deserving of love

Would need some assistance from heaven above


Supposed to be home, protected and safe

Instead it became a torturous place

Where wolves and beast attack the soul

Peace is not free where evil is sold

Can’t feel the heat cause evil is cold


Redeemed once again, and rescued by grace

A better a warmer, a more human place

A brand new beginning – can’t wipe the slate clean

This is all good – or so it would seem


Fast forward to years – older but not grown

The beast he returned – you faced him alone

He laughed and he mocked – at your tragic fall

He thought he could take you down once and for all

In the midst of the pain – still you stood tall


Surviving the storm – she sat out again

To find a new home – a comfort a friend

He smiled like an angel – again turned up wolf

Instead of a hand – he held out a hoof

There’s joy in this life?  Oh yea where’s the proof?


The concrete got thicker – got harder got stiffer

Hardens the heart says what is the differ

“I’ll destroy and maim – inflict as much pain

Cause two can play in this mother-fucking game

Compared to my crazy your shit will look sane”


I tried to get down but that ain’t my nature

I will never love you but I don’t have to hate cha

Maybe I’m tired – screw all this stress

I’ll just walk away from this mess

If life’s an exam – I’ll just flunk this test


My life is a mess – I can’t escape pain

Its maddening it’s crippling it’s simply insane

On a short pier – I’ll take a long walk

And end this bullshit – there’s no need to talk

Don’t call my people – police bring the chalk


But love is the sunshine and tears are the rain

That fall on the concrete – and seeps through the main

Cracks in the ground where good seeds are buried

You thought you were dead – but you were just weary

Now is your time – your blessings won’t tarry


Tragedy found you

But that’s not the end –

Heart made of gold – a faithful true friend

You couldn’t be held down by the concrete

Your roots were too strong – you’re born from the streets


You’ve risen before – and you’ll rise again

Your flowers will bloom – your branches will mend

And you’ll grow fruit – so healthy and sweet

You’re the flower that rose – from the beneath the concrete


Resonate ©