Notorious B.I.G. Film In Theaters 01.16.09






So what do you all think?  Will this movie be “notorious” for substance or hype?

With a cast like Angela Bassett, (Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s Mom) Derek Luke (Puffy) and Anthony Mackie (Tupac) I would hope so.  Hopefully it won’t be just a big music video – and it will really tap in on some substance.  It will be interesting to see how they portray Pac with Diddy and Wallace being in on the production.

Perhaps a coming out party for Jamal Woolard (The Notorious B.I.G.)

Hello Winter!

Casino Queen riverfront camera


The Hawk is out!

See that ice on the Mississippi?

I mean it’s colder than a mo fo!

Just cold for no freagging reason at all.

Christians are calling themselves the “Frozen Chosen.”

Icecicles are covering up!

The Polar Bears at the zoo are drinking coco.

Jack Frost ain’t nipping at anyone’s nose.  He’s spanking that ass!