Love Passage, By Gabbi


Making her blogging debut… this is my youngest daughter, my baby, Gabbi!   She wrote a piece on her interpretation on 1 Corinthians 13. 

Love Passage

Love will stand in line and wait it’s turn.  It doesn’t always want what others have and it doesn’t brag about what it does have. 

Love is polite even when the other person is rude.  It doesn’t always have to be first.

Love doesn’t get angry over the small things, and it doesn’t remember one thing after another to be hurt.

Love isn’t happy when someone else fails but is happy with the truth. 

If I am very smart, almost a genius, if I can figure out the hardest math problems, but don’t love others I am nothing.

Love never gives up. 

Preaching will stop someday.  So will speeches.  Knowledge will come to an end. 

Today we only know part of what there is to know.  We can preach and speak only with a small part of understanding.

But when perfection comes then what is imperfect will go away.

7 thoughts on “Love Passage, By Gabbi

  1. Abbey says:

    AWESOME Gabbi 🙂

    The wisdom of a child not completely tainted by adulthood yet.

  2. diane says:

    following in her father’s footsteps, beautiful

  3. Hi Brother and young sista that was beautiful keep up the good work….Brotha please email me i want your permission to repost your comments on today’s post on Aunt Jemina Blog with regards to the question of Black Men’s possible hatred of black women. my email is iluvblackwomen at gmail dot com. Thanks Be Blessed

  4. Anonymous says:

    wahh???? go gabbi! lol’

    “tainted?” lol jeez

  5. C Haze says:


    That’s deep.

  6. bbgcmac says:

    I think she is RIGHT ON THE MONEY – Adulthood does not change what the facts are… WE may be “jaded” or “bruised” and decide not to believe based on our experiences and hurts by other people – but the standard is the same. Love is all of the things she said. It was yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow.

  7. Abbey says:

    You are very right, adulthood does not change what the facts are, but most adults loose the ability to think things thru to the simple facts. We tend to have to add to or take away from or lose the whole meaning all together. Gabbi put it out there as only a child who has not been lets say corrupted by the aging process, she is able to speak truethfuly and plainly still and see facts thru the clear eyes of a child.

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