Slap Chop, and Deez Nuts

In case you haven’t seen this, my man Vince (Sham Wow) Offer is at it again!  I couldn’t believe I heard what I heard the first time I saw this on TV.  “Your going to love my nuts!”


3 thoughts on “Slap Chop, and Deez Nuts

  1. Dekonstruct says:

    It’s just one of those phrases you can’t get out of your head, and I’m sure he meant it that way.

  2. YO SON Christian says:

    LOL! “your guna love my nuts” just insert them into this one of a kind chopping machine and your life will NEVER be the same!!!

  3. bbgcmac says:

    Right… I bet they wouldn’t be the same! LOL

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