Old Spice Cat

I'm On A Horse: How They Made The Old Spice Ad

This cat truly cracks me up!  I wasn’t sure if I was with it when I first saw it the more I see it the more I get it!  Quite the over the top idea for a commercial.   Now who in the hell still buys and puts Old Spice on their bodies is a mystery to me.  I’m just saying.

Funny Super Bowl Commercials Part 2

Super Bowl commercials ebb and flow in terms of whether they are clever, smart, average, or just plain dumb.  But when Lindsey the accused milkaholic baby jumped into the web cam and said, “Milk-a-WHAT?!,” I straight lost it!

Boy was that funny!

If you didn’t see it, check it out for yourself!

When Prayer and Consultation are Not The Answers, Google!

This is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read.  Pope Benedict XVI lifts the excommunication status of one of his bishops Richard Williamson who is an denier of history and an apparent anti-Semite.  The bishop didn’t believe the Holocaust really happened and expressed his views quite openly.  This is the funny part to me:

“I have been told that consulting the information available on the Internet would have made it possible to perceive the problem early on.

“I have learned the lesson that in the future the Holy See will have to pay greater attention to that source of news.”  Pope Benedict XVI’s letter to bishops.

Uhhh here is another idea dear pontiff.  If your not too sure about the cats in your camp representing the church, googling is one thing and sure there is a wealth of information there.  Some is true and some is not.  But I am sure you could have asked a few people within your organization about Williamson and there are agencies that do background checks.  You can pay a fee and they will give you any information necessary to empower you to make better informed decision.  I know that budget has been stretched a bit, but mix in a private investigator or two.  These things are avoidable. 

Come on, is that the best you’ve got?  “We should have googled dude?”  Michael Steele think’s that’s weak!


ShamWow’s, Snuggies and Other Goofy Commercials

I was going through fellow blogger Aunt Jemimah’s Revenge’s page and it made me think of  an older blog I wrote about late night television commercials.  There are some new players on the block now.  Let’s chat about it.

I remember back in the day when the old K-Tel and other companies would push any and everything imaginable to the viewers.   For the magical figure of $19.99 plus shipping and handling, you could get just about everything from a Chia Pet (chi chi chi Chia) to a classical record collection of top 40 hits.  My favorite line would be the one where they were selling the soul music hits and one guys says to another, “Man can I borrow your music?”  Then the other guys says, “Uh uhh my brother.  You have to get your OWN.” 


 Today’s acts are no less formidable.  You have ShamWow which can suck up the Mississippi River if you throw a couple rolls into it.  I love the way the guy says, “Its made in Germany so you know it’s good.”  And also the way he chastises the camera man by saying, “Cameraman you getting all of this?  Stay with me now!”  

 Isn’t it cool too how they give you the price of say, $59.99 but then drop it to $19.99?   Then they back it up with, “But wait!  If you call within the next 20 minutes, we’ll throw in another set of ShamWow’s for free!”

That’s standard language for any of these commercials and their offers.  ” But wait!”

Then there’s the Snuggie.  I almost fell off the couch the first time I saw this one.  Apparently someone thought to put sleeves on a blanket.  To see these people doing their casual acts of lounging around the house with this bright red or blue thing is hilarious.  No self respecting man in my opinion would be caught dead in one of these things unless he was a star or an extra in a George Lucas movie.


*Snuggie man, may the force be with you!

 You got to love Jay Kordich with his monster eyebrows selling that juicer.  Plus the old man is built like a bull and has all those  girls around.  I actually love juicers and it’s time for me to invest in another one. 


 Now my MAIN MAN is none other than Matthew Lesko.  This dude is relentless in selling his book on how to get the government to fund all of your research and ideas.  Anybody who can dress up like The Joker’s Revenge and go on and on and on  is alright with me.  


 The only thing I can compare some of these commercials to are some TV preachers when they ask for dollars.  That’s another story.

But I have my own idea to sell.  You see when I sleep, I like to keep my feet warm and I don’t like to sleep in socks.  Sometimes the bottom of the comforter has that cold air seeping at the bottom.  What I do as soon as I get under the covers is is lift the covers with my feet and fold the top sheet and comforter under my feet.  This creates that warm and soft feeling while keeping the cold air out.  I call it “The Cushion.”  I’m thinking to myself, “Why should I do all of that feet folding every night.  I may as well just sew an extra foot pocket at the bottom of the comforter so people can just slide their feet in at night.  I can market the thing for $49.99.  But wait!” 

Operators are standing by….

Best Thanksgiving Movie~

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

That damn Steve Martin and the Late Great John Candy in this funny, utterly hilarious comedy.   There are so many lines and scenes I can’t figure which is my favorite.  Is it when Neil Page (Martin) goes off on Del Griffith (Candy) in the hotel room when he is finally fed up? 

Is it when they wake up in the bed together and when Del says his other hand is between two pillows and Neil says, “Those are NOT PILLOWS!” 

Or is it when that redneck in Kansas orders his wife to pick up the heavy chest?  Or is it the airport scene when Neil goes F bomb on steroids on the rental car lady?

No wait it has to be when they get pulled over by the cop when the car is half burned – and he ask Del if he thinks, “this vehicle is safe for highway driving?   And Del says, “Yes officer.  I really do.” 

I don’t know there are so many scenes I can’t forget.  This movie is a Thanksgiving tradition for me.  I need to start looking for my ancient VHS copy now so I can watch sometime this weekend.

White America’s Greatest Fears~ (Humor)

As African-Americans we have had a long history of joking about a black president ever since the 70s.  These jokes include the phrase of painting the White House black along with other stereotypical antidotes such as having a barbque in the Rose Garden  or a house party on weekends.  Of course they were indeed JOKES because none of us thought we would see the day when it was really possible.  Now that Barack Obama has a legitimate shot at this, it reminded me of this spoof the great Richard Pryor did on his show way back in the day.  From what I saw within some segments of White America during the primaries against Hillary Clinton, I imagine that some of my caucasion brothers and sisters really do harbor these myths when contemplating having a president who could grow an afro.  Click the link and check it out!