Scary Stuff!

Men who have abused women reveal to Oprah Winfrey why they did it.

This article is a real eye opener for me.  I have never been a fan of men who are abusive to their women in relationships.  Most every woman who is a family member or friend of mine has been physically abused by at least one man, more often more than one.   A friend of mine recently told me recently of a guy who has been getting beat by his wife regularly for years. 

Both physical and very/emotional abuse are damaging.  To hear these men open up and explain their angry reactions in jealous fits of control gone wild is chilling.  Some describe how they can’t communicate effectively while even another talks about all but blacking out when he becomes abusive.  As hurtful is it is to read, I am glad they are talking at least.  This is definitely something that needs to be talked about but it rarely is seriously and openly.  Like race it’s a social ta-bu. 

And just think, in Afghanistan they created a law to allow their men to rape their wives.

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