Please, Someone Tell Dick Cheney to STFU!

Since being in office he’s done all but taken us back towards a total dictatorship as well as fattened up his stock in Haliburton by giving them practically every no bid governmental contract available. 

Now he’s out the big house and can’t seem to stop hating on Obama because he is not the tyrannical torturing rights snatching jerk that he is.  Cheney is a has been.  Now he is just a bitter old man about to give himself another heart attack. 

Memo to Dick: We had security issues before you came along and we will have them after you leave.  No American thinks we are completely safe from anything.  So quit with the Nostradomus act predicting disaster till something actually happens.  9-11 happened on YOUR watch!  So deal with it!  Oh yea that’s right, not only did you deal with it, you profited from it too.  So spare me the dumb talk.  Go hunt or something and shoot someone else “by mistake.” But please stay off of my TV saying the sky is going to fall!  You are as relevant as Octomom!

A Sad, Sad Story…

Of course our military is over extended, which is bad in itself.  But the pressure being put on recruiters is ridiculous!  When our men and women who recruit for the Armed Services have to kill themselves to escape the wrath of superiors, something has definitely gone wrong and something needs to change!

Rare Air Hall of Fame Inductions

Hall of Fame inductee Michael Jordan during half-time of the NCAA final between the MSU Spartans and the North Carolina Tar Heels Monday, April 6, 2009.

Did you get a load of Michael Jordan’s suit last night at halftime of the game?  This picture doesn’t do it justice but trust me he was clean.  Jordan has sealed his career with the pinnacle of basketball achievement – induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

  I like what he said about being inducted.

“This is not fun for me, Getting enshrined in the Hall of Fame, you know your career is completely over.”

Joining MJ, a basketball champion and statesman David “The Admiral” Robinson from the San Antonio Spurs via the US Naval Academy. 

Then there is the all time assist leader John Stockton from the Utah Jazz and Rutgers women’s coach C. Vivian Stringer. 

This is truly a sweet and deserving class of winners.  And the best part about each of the players in particular is that when each came into the league, the Spurs, Jazz and Bulls respectively were horrible teams.  Robinson was the foundation to bring the Spurs back, Stockton with pick n’ roll pal Karl Malone made the Jazz what they are today, and god knows what Michael did with the Bulls.  It’s one thing to be a great player on a great team, its another to be a great player who helps to make a team great.  All three of these can say they did just that.

It also goes without saying that Stringer deserves enshrinement too.  She is the first coach in NCAA history to take three different women’s NCAA teams to the Final Four.  She is the third winningest coach in women’s basketball history.  She is also a pioneer for women’s sports period. 

Congratulations to them all!