Please, Someone Tell Dick Cheney to STFU!

Since being in office he’s done all but taken us back towards a total dictatorship as well as fattened up his stock in Haliburton by giving them practically every no bid governmental contract available. 

Now he’s out the big house and can’t seem to stop hating on Obama because he is not the tyrannical torturing rights snatching jerk that he is.  Cheney is a has been.  Now he is just a bitter old man about to give himself another heart attack. 

Memo to Dick: We had security issues before you came along and we will have them after you leave.  No American thinks we are completely safe from anything.  So quit with the Nostradomus act predicting disaster till something actually happens.  9-11 happened on YOUR watch!  So deal with it!  Oh yea that’s right, not only did you deal with it, you profited from it too.  So spare me the dumb talk.  Go hunt or something and shoot someone else “by mistake.” But please stay off of my TV saying the sky is going to fall!  You are as relevant as Octomom!

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