BB&G Supports Sylvester Brown Jr.


I am not at all surprised that Sly who was a columnist for the local fish wrap The St. Louis Post Disgrace, Dispatch was railroaded by the powers that be.  They hired him and thought they were being diverse at the time.  However, the fact of the matter is Brown never flinched in writing columns that challenged St. Louis’ double standards when it comes to race and politics.  They could no longer stand the heat so they did what cowards do.

One could easily read the hateful comments targeted at Brown in most every column he’d write.  This would only justify the charges he would write about.

Thankfully he has a blog where readers can still benefit from his passion and work. 

More than a few of us have your back Sly! 

Stay Strong Brother~

One thought on “BB&G Supports Sylvester Brown Jr.

  1. sylvester brown, jr. says:

    I humbly appreciate the support and kind words, bbgcmac. This has been a depressing and inspiring experience at the same time. Yes, it will be a challenge but, I believe, this incident, like so many others in my life, is just another universal nudge to get me on the path I’m supposed to travel. It took something like this to remind me how blessed I am to have the family, readers, friends and supporters that I do. Thanks to people like you, I’m determined to carry on. — Peace & blessings, Sylvester

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