Kobe, Lakers Make A Statement!

Kobe Bryant, J.J. Reddick

Ok.  So the start was quite impressive.  Kobe played more angry than I’ve ever seen and he was focused from start to finish.  There are a few reasons why I think this is happening.  But I will keep that under the lid for now.  I want to see how he plays the rest of the series to test my theories. 

But what can you say about his 18 point third quarter.  His energy, speed and skill set was just superior.  I can’t say I am amazed cause it’s him.  But I can say I am extremely impressed in understanding that nobody does it like he does.  NOBODY!  He was the Amazing Thing Happening.

What I enjoyed about the victory most of all was not that it was a blowout.  Blowing out a veteran team like the Celtics did in 1985 against the Lakers in the famed Memorial Day Massacre is one thing.  Guys like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy were going to respond no question.  The Lakers won that series in 6.  I don’t know if the Magic have that mentality and sometimes you know how this version of the Lake Show tend to not show up at times. 

To that point what happened last night was that the Team LA never let up off the pedal for one possession neither offensively or defensively.  They didn’t even allow the Magic to gain any confidence by making a small run at the end of the fourth quarter to take with them into the next game.  I have always said about this team that if they play this hard and focused every night they are easily THE best team in the NBA.  Even if the Magic had connected on more of those 3’s that they were hoisting, LA would have still won by 15. 

There is a lot more basketball to be played.  For the Lakers to get Game 2 would really put something on Orlando’s mind.  If the Magic could steal game 2, they will forget all about the blowout.  I hope my team understands that.

4 thoughts on “Kobe, Lakers Make A Statement!

  1. bobbygee says:

    Kobe remembers what happened in last years NBA finals. He wants it. A little bit of sending the Shaq man a message.. In your face buddy. Check out my blog Bobby Gee
    Kobe’s a Philly Kid. Philly Kids never forget.

  2. fredsmilek001 says:

    Kobe wants to finally win a ring on his own and think this is going to be a great shot for him to do that and finally get the respect for the great player he is on his own without Shaw…. 1 Gold Medal and 1 Championship sounds good to me


  3. abritishman says:

    bbgcmac ……….
    The Magic are shooting themselves in the foot with their poor and inept play ! Never mind the fact that Howard’s game really seems to be suffering in the series. It may well seem OK on appearance that he still gets his double , doubles . But his play with regard to T/O’s has made him a liaibility.

    And the team’s PG play also leaves a lot to be desired.

    I’ve a couple of new pieces up should you at all be interested ? I’ve provided a link below for your perusal.

    In order to view just click on the text shown. I’ll look forward to reading your comments as and when you’re ready.

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    Who’s Now Getting More Bang For Their Buck ? Kobe, LeBron ? Or Quite Possibly Nike …?

    Shark Infested Waters ? Or Was It Merely The Magic Forgot How To Play And Were Frightened …. ?

    Alan aka abritishman ………..

  4. abritishman says:

    cont’d ………….

    The Dye Has Been Cast ………….

    http://thebasketballoracle.com ………

    This is the main portal. And my pieces are written under the pseudonym abritishman or my given name Alan. As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    Alan aka abritishman & tophatal ……..

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