What’s Wrong With The GOP? An Abiding and Undying Love of it’s Racist Hearts

How about an unwillingness for Conservatives to rid the party of their racist colleagues.

See this is what I’m talking about.  Folks, especially these right wing folks are just so damn selective when it comes to their “moral outrage.” 

A guy walks into the Holocaust Museum and kills a security guard, and none of these folks are outraged.  The culprit a notorious white supremacist is not being charged as a terrorist.  They don’t care about that either. 

Oh but Sarah Palin and David Letterman… that’s enough to cause a riot – and yet THIS pic doesn’t even cause a stir…. among these folks who mostly claim Christianity!  You shame the name of Christ and everything he stood for.

I’ve always said that if you want black folk to stop talking about racism, police yourselves and check the ignorant pe0ple within your ranks when they bring this crap around.  But that ain’t gonna happen is it?

Give me a break!

9 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The GOP? An Abiding and Undying Love of it’s Racist Hearts

  1. Alan says:


    After that abhorrent tragedy that took place at the Holocaust Museum in DC. I doubt you’d hear anything of significance in calling out the seemier side of race relations in this country. But God forbid that a doctor who carries out a legal procedure in this country and then murdered and all too quickly you’ll hear them coming out of the woodwork to voice their concerns.

    And whilst in no way do I condone the act of medical practitioner who carries out a late term abortion. I do find that there are two sides to the argument that neither side is prepared to listen to when it comes to this very sensitive issue.

    Alan aka tophatal

  2. sekanblogger says:

    I am a white middle class redneck, with black grandkids. That crap is not funny. I have no tolerance for it.

    • bbgcmac says:

      Sekan, I hear you. But I think them grandkids took you out of the redneck category. 🙂

      Just kidding – Rock on RedNeck Man!

  3. fnord says:

    They’ve gone really far off the edge of reason. There’s not even any talking to them. What can you expect from a bunch of old rich white guys? They’ve been making it on the backs of others their whole life.

    Are you a Celtics fan? Me too! What about that old man Paul Pierce? I love it that he is like a fine bottle wine and gets better with age. 😉

  4. fnord says:

    I should have done more reading before posting. I see you’re a Lakers man. Congrats on another championship!

    • bbgcmac says:


      You are correct in that I am a Laker man – but I do have much respect for the tradition of the Celtics – I hated them growing up – and Bird, McHale and Parish made me cry a couple times in the 80s.. but I still respected them. I am a sportsman so I appreciate greatness in any form. Even when ya’ll handed it to us in game 6 last year.. or course we ROLLED over and kinda let yall have it – but it didn’t seem as if KG and nem would be denied anyway. We weren’t ready.

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  5. Alan says:

    You really want to know what pi_sses off the Conservatives at present ? The fact that an African American how now acceded to the White House.

    Were it anyone else then they wouldn’t have given a damn at all !

    And though I’m not enamored with either political party. As they’re both of dubious origins and each still has their own hidden agenda to begin with. The real truth is that whilst either is in power. They’re not prepared to listen to each other. Whether wrong or right. But yet they have the temerity to dictate to others because of their presumed wealth. Well now the fact of the matter is the Chinese and others whom they’re now financially indebted to will soon begin to call in their markers . And then we’ll see who really has the real power when it’s all said and done !

    A-holes such as Limbaugh , Hannity , O’Reilly , Dobbs and others of that ilk on both sides of the political aisle clearly don’t seem to understand that as of yet. And they think of themselves as being enlightened ? Clearly nothing could be farther from the truth. They’re all as inept as one another and clearly have no comprehension of the outside world. But for the pot they piss in and the window that they throw it all out of !

    Bear in mind not one of these a-holes has ever served their country in the form of being in the military. But yet they pontificate as to what they deem to be is right with the world ?

    Alan aka tophatal ……

  6. sekanblogger says:

    grandkids could be paisley and be cute!

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