Former President Keeps It Real!

Former President Carter tells NBC Nightly News that racism has surfaced in opposition to President Obama.

Former President Jimmy Carter is keeping it real here.  Unlike many others who would like to act as if the majority and intensity of the opposition of now President Obama is not racially motivated.  It absolutely is! 

This is why Joe Wilson was comfortable saying what he said.   This is why he has raised over a million dollars since. This is why teachers, principals and parents, (especially in the South) kept their kids away from school for a ‘stay in school and be responsible and accountable’ speech from the president of the United States.  This is why there has been such an uproar in the town hall meetings and folks have said things like, “I want my country back.”  They just can’t wrap their brains around a black man being in charge. 

Too bad as a nation we are not addressing this head on while we have yet another opportunity.

43 thoughts on “Former President Keeps It Real!

  1. Jim Thornber says:

    If I disagree with you, must it be racially motivated, or could it simply be that I disagree with you? You are African American and I’m not. So what? If you disagree with me, does that mean you don’t like white people?

    Is it possible for me to disagree with President Obama simply because I disagree, or must there be, in you opinion, some inkling of racism mixed in there? Just wondering.

  2. John Pelham says:

    So mr.peanuts let us go and shoot one half of the countrry. What a racket. NO MORE DEMOCRACY. If yuo don’t agree with a black man political ideas you’re a racist; shall you agree then you’re alright. Where these people, the sycophants and demagogues like this red-socialist are leading this country to?. Americans wake up. Russia and Eastern Europe shook up the COMMUNIST NIGHTMARE to have certain scoundrels attempting to think us back into the night and fog of totalitarian political history. Red Socialists don’t you have enough with the experience of November 9/10, 1989 in Berlin? WAKE UP AMERICA some manipulators using race and populism pretend to establish in our nation the one party-democracy !!

  3. Daniel says:

    Jimmy should stick to Habitat and stay out of DC politics. Wilson didn’t say anything remotely racist and Carter’s remarks are inflammatory and pointless. He was a weak president and should keep out of things he knows nothing about.

  4. Phil says:

    It is unfortunate for hard working blacks, hispanics, and asians are being kept down by well meaning “whites” who continue to perpetuate the excuse that it is skin color that is the problem. Learn from your president — hard work, education,perseverance make the man (or woman). While there will always be racial bias among us (irrespective of race color or creed), calling people “racist” because the disagree with the policies of our President (who happens to be mixed race) is naive at best. Destructive at worst to the very people you seem intent on helping.

  5. DDRM says:

    I am disgusted with Jimmy Carter and the rest of the pundits for making those kind of racist statements. No one was crying racism when a large group of Americans protested against the Iraqi war or anything else Bush did. It’s rediculous – here you have a President that was elected by a majority of white people and now that they disagree – it’s racism. I’m angered beyond belief for insulting the American belief. And, yes, I’m not naive, there is still racism in this county and I hate to say it but it also goes both ways. It’s never acceptable by any account – but to describe these protests as racist is beyond the pale. The Democrats, sad to say, will lose the 2010 election.

  6. g says:

    but there goes the very last shred of respect i have for this ex-president! at least those responding to this moronic post have it right. leave it to the liberals to inject race into an argument they are losing and insult the intelligence of americans everywhere in the process!!! wilson’s outburst was certainly out of line given the setting, but it is totally unfair to him to say it was racially motivated. the larger argument, that most/all of the opposition to barry’s presidency is because he is black, is being made by cowards who are becoming increasingly desparate as they lose all momentum from 2008 and left-wing radicals in the mainstream media(maureen dowd and her ilk) who are trying to incite a visceral reaction in the middle and on the right that can be turned against those who don’t support President Teleprompter. And, btw, as I recall, opposition to Bubba back in 1993/4 was just as widespread and strenuous. (but then again, wasn’t he our first black president?)

  7. johnrj08 says:

    You are absolutely correct. When you have the kind of irrational behavior that we’re seeing at these Tea Party events, and white Congressmen calling the President of the United States a liar, something more is going on than just a disagreement over policies. You do not have to call Obama the ‘n-word’ to be identified as a racist. People have learned to veil their bigotry behind manufactured political causes. And, quite obviously, they become much more willing to accept the most outrageously stupid accusations that are being hurled at the President without any skepticism at all. The organizer of the Tea Party events is an overt racist, despite his public denials. On his website, he refers to the President of the United States as an “Indonesian, Muslim thug” and accuses him of being a communist. This is nothing more than a revival of McCarthyism and it being catalyzed by an underlying fear that can only be defined as classic racism. The bottom line is that the irrational behavior of the people who are attacking Obama in this fashion is driven by bigotry and xenophobia. It is ironic that the only people who are denying that racism is playing any role in the current political maelstrom are those who are obsessed with attacking the President. And anybody who states that racism isn’t at work at these so-called rallies is part of the problem.

  8. MisElaineous says:

    Seriously? Have we devolved this far?
    Are people so lacking of brain power?
    Just a few months ago, the majority of Americans decided that Obama was the best man for the job of President, some based that on his race, some his policies.
    That is evidence that the majority of people are NOT racist against a Black man, or a half Black man.
    Why would all these people suddenly become flaming racists?
    That defies logic,and common sense.
    Why would anyone think this way,and why would they promote it for the world to see? It’s a huge flashing neon sign that sates “I’m Stupid”.
    Perhaps Carter, at his age, is feeling the onset of dementia.
    What’s your excuse?

  9. clr says:

    My Democrat Senator is WHITE.. as WHITE as a baby’s bottom – I think he is an *ss as well as Obama. I plan to vote him O-U-T next year. I am a decendant of the rare Melungeons… So does that make me a racist 2 times over?

    Puhlease…… !

  10. real radical says:

    Black America can clearly see the racsim in this and we wouldn’t espect racist white folk would agree, but Carter called a spade. NO one ever shouted to the bushman he was a lier, regardless of how often he projected it. Seem like media like to keep the “cracker” opinion up front. By the way, it’s embarrising to consider Michael Steele black; he is a typical house negro. Thanks Jimmy for saying what the goons will not

  11. g says:

    johnrj08, give me a break! if you want to see “irrational behavior” and folks calling the POTUS “a liar”, just look at any liberal, left or radical politician, candidate, demonstrator, etc. over the last few years when they were discussing their views on W. funny how that sort of behavior is no longer acceptable to folks like you and must be “racist”, now that Barry is president…..

  12. g says:

    hey, real radical,

    you win the “I’m the biggest racist in the room” award. congratulations. now why don’t you do something constructive as a swan song and learn how to type in coherent sentences and proper english?

  13. Archeress says:

    The majority of Americans (white , black, and otherwise) **do** think that black is inferior to white. Yes, even some African-Americans think that white means greater competency. President Carter is brave to make his statements considering the ridicule and condemnation he has always endured. He is one of the few who has the courage to admit the private beliefs that lurk behind the public talk and action.

    Since there are legitimate concerns with President Obama’s policies/ideas, many are going to deny the racism factor. That has always been the problem with exposing racism: the legitimate concerns serve as convenient excuses/masks for the racism that lurks beneath. It is very difficult if not impossible to separate the legitimate debate from the very real racial contempt.

    For those of you that point to the fact that this nation elected Obama, please note the low number of southern states he won. Also, consider most people will vote for the person that they believe will accomplish their agenda REGARDLESS of any other attribute. Yes, a racist person will vote for a member of the group he/she is racist against if they think/know that person will help them.

    BTW, I am a person that think we all(black, white, yellow, red, whatever) are racist to some degree!!

  14. Steve says:

    If I criticize the President it must be because I am racist. It can’t possibly be because I disagree with his policies or that I think he has mismanaged his presidency to this point. By calling Obama’s critics racist his supporters don’t have to make a compelling argument in his defense because the critic is obviously a Neanderthal and his/her opinion doesn’t matter. It would be foolish to believe racism doesn’t exist in this country and would be foolish to believe that none of the criticism Obama has received has racist roots, but to group all criticism under the racist emblem is just as foolish. Grow up and let’s have real debate about real issues without all of the name calling.

  15. JTeal says:

    This stupid and insipid racism garbage gets trotted out each and every time a liberal deems it politically expedient. It’s like clockwork! Joe Wilson isn’t a racist; the clowns who tout garbage like this are. You guys are like the cook who throws spaghetti noodles at the wall until one of ’em sticks. Grow up, get a life, and get over yourself. The only people who I see making judgement calls based on race are the liberals. Because it’s convenient. And because it worked in the past. Newsflash: We’ve caught on to the tactic.

  16. JTeal says:

    Furthermore, anyone who gives Jimmy Carter an ounce of credibility deserves what they get. The man ranks as one of the worst presidents in American History. And he just keeps right on reminding us of that fact every time he opens his big mouth.
    I’ll say this about all the ‘racist’ crap: The guilty dog barks first.

  17. Cris says:

    I am sick and tired of the race card bulls*** !!! It has nothing to do with race!!! I do not like what Obama is about, he said”If you want to know what I’m about, look at the people who surround me”, let’s see Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, A.C.O.R.N. to name a few!! Being black has nothing to do with it!!! I would of voted Colin Powell!!!!!!

    Here is a quote from Michael Steele:
    Michael Steele, who is the first African-American to chair the Republican National Committee, denied Wednesday that race is fueling protests.

    “President Carter is flat-out wrong,” Steele said in a statement. “This isn’t about race. It is about policy.”

    President Carter needs to lay back down like he did when he was in office.

  18. ccthatsme says:

    How many czars did President Carter have??

  19. ccthatsme says:

    Who’s controlling the channels in Jimmy Cater’s old folks home?

  20. ccthatsme says:

    Hey real radical, if anyone wanted to call Bush a liar, they could have, back then there was still freedom of speech!!!! learn to spell, exercise your right to be educated and stop speaking your with thug mentality.

    I meet racists everyday in my job and they are all black!!!!

  21. Andreanna says:

    I would like to say that The United States President Barak Obama is “BI-RACIAL!” I do not know if people did not understand his compain for 2009. But his Mother is “caucasian” and his father was “African!” He was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother again who both are “caucasian!” President Obama has family in Africa as in pertunal Grandmother. But who gets to choose the race of a bi-racial person? The person who is bi-racial or the community that racially profiles them into a group that they choose for the bi-racial person? So in my eyes when you think that somebody is one race you might want to re-think that. We are Amereicans ands we make mistakes but we have to understand that this great country we live in is melting pot of all diffrent cultures and we should respect everyone even though there we be some racisim I hope that my children or my grandchildren will never have to deal with racism because of the future generations might just change history as we know it.

  22. ccthatsme says:

    Excess me Obama said he wasn’t black, he said he was African. Of course he left off the American part? Just like he doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Alligance.

    He says don’t listen to scary stories about the government and that there are jobs being created, well why is the uneployment rate at it’s highest in 26 years. We are living the scary story!!!!!!!

  23. Carole Clarke says:

    Was Kanye West taking the mike out of a white girl’s hand and ranting how a black woman should’ve won the prize racist? No, he was just stoned on brandy and made a fool of himself. Was Serena William’s profanity-laced rant to a white linesman on the tennis court against a white opponent racist? No, she just chose not to stay in control and made a fool of herself. Was Joe Wilson popping out with an accusatory statement in the middle of our first black President’s speech in front of Congress racist? No, he just chose not to control himself – or worse, he used the moment to get attention for himself since he was a nobody in Congress. Thankfully, race is becoming less of a problem but unfortunately, personal bad behavior is still with us. We are becoming an uncivil populace, which is what happens when God and good manners are taken out of the equation. Kanye West will do the same thing again but this time I hope he gets his lights punched out and if Serena tries it again some opponent may give her a tennis racket necklace. I hope Joe Wilson is taken down because we don’t want to end up like those Asian parliaments with bloody fistfights and hairpulling going on during debates. It as nothing to do with race, sorry to disappoint you, its just bad behavior.

  24. Becky says:

    Jimmy Carter is a irrelevant now as ever. Who cares what he thinks and in my opinion he is plain wrong. There is a disease going on in our country, it goes like this….if you disagree with any African American on any subject, you’re prejudiced. Is one of the consequences of having an African American for President that no one, not senators, not congressmen, not even the electorate can ever disagree with the President? That black chip needs to be knocked off every shoulder that carries it.

  25. ccthatsme says:

    Now, of course there is no birth certificate to prove who he is , or where he was born, or if he is even an American citizen.

    This is exactly what “they” want, to fire everyone up and cause the races to fight, just like the ’60’s.

    America has come a long way, this is just setting us back. I did not own any slaves, neither did my fore fathers. Quit using your race to get what you want in life. Work for it!!!!

  26. realradical says:

    thatsme” another cracker opinion. Mispelled dosen’t indicate lack of education; just a slip of the keyboard. Understand what you read before you expatriate contumacy; What does the people on your job have to do with the racism seen across the nation during the campaign and the whole time the president has been in office? BY the way CC, th point was BUsh screed up for 8 years, only a idiot couldn’t see the lies he projected, but the same folk who are TRYING to put Obama down didn’t say SH&*@t! Education is also understanding; listen and learn CC!

  27. ccthatsme says:

    johnrj08, Mccarthy was very strong and powerful.

    The tea parties are peaceful demonstrations. we are exercising our right to freedom of speech !!!!

    This administration has out spent Clinton and both Bushes!!

    You can’t spend yourself back to prosperity, it is economically impossible.

    Her is an example of why socialism does not work:
    “you cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an entire class.


    That class had insisted that Obama’s desire to “spread the wealth around” worked, and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

    The professor then said, “OK,
    we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”.

    All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.
    The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.
    As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little. The second test average was a D!
    No one was happy.

    When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

    The scores never increased as bickering,
    blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.
    All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

    *Could not be any simpler than that.*

  28. caesarsalad says:

    Jimmy Carter is full of mind altering rotten peanuts. He is without a doubt the worst voting lever mistake I ever pulled. His comments @ current domestic policy & events are equivocal to the numerical grade one might give him for the sorry state of America domestically and our lousy international interface when he left the presidency. I wish he would stay focused on retirement and or low profile community service.

  29. Ed says:

    When I say this…I just want you to know there is zero racial motivation behind it…only political, moral, and ethical issues. Here goes..:

    Dear blog owner…you are a freakin moron if you believe a word of the crap you just posted about Carter “keepin it real”. Thanks..have a nice day.

  30. g says:

    hey, real radical,

    you win the “I’m the biggest racist in the room” award. congratulations. now why don’t you do something constructive as a swan song and learn how to type in coherent sentences and proper english?

  31. realradical says:

    spare me kid. stay in your white world.

  32. ccthatsme says:

    Real radical, with all your thug mentality, racism does exist, you would have to be blind to say it doesn’t, but what I’m saying is the President of the United States is surrounded by self proclaimed racial communist, bent on destroying our economy. If you like his ideas, then you would be the first to point racism.

  33. JimSEY says:

    I think jimmy carter should have specified that NOT all the protesters were racists but a significant number of them may have been. this is especially evident in the posters showing President Obama wearing an African tribal outfit with a spear in hand. On the flip side, there may also have been protesters who REALLY do disagree with Obama’s policies and want their leaders to talk about or collaborate with the the left on real issues like health care.

    From some sites I have visited, rednecks hated him as soon as they heard his name during the campaign. Since then, racism flowed like none other but still there are some who respectfully disagree.

    that is all. nice blog.

  34. ccthatsme says:

    By the proof read!!!!!

  35. realradical says:

    whooo boy. what is a thug mentality. sounds white to me. where in the world did I mention racism does not exist. read kid.

  36. ccthatsme says:

    On the same note, the blacks voted for Obama because he was black, correction 1/2 black. Not for his political views, poor reason to elect someone, to bad Colin Powell didn’t run, I WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HIM!!!!!

  37. ccthatsme says:

    Sounds white guess again, American Indian. The real victims of racism.

  38. ccthatsme says:

    Maybe the American Indians should run for office!!

    We’re not crying !! An using it to manipulate!!!!

  39. ccthatsme says:

    You cry racial profile, when in reality you are the one’s committing the acts you are profiled for, street level crimes, that is.

  40. melanie blanco says:

    Lets learn our lesson here-it’s not worth it to elect any black people to office, because they see everything through a racial prism, and assume everyone else does, too. As for Jimmy Carter, he must have some southern guilt left over from his ancestors. I don’t have any. My family did not get here until after the slaves were freed, and we certainly did not settle in the south, either.

  41. Archeress says:

    Oh the delicious irony:

    white in-the-closet bigots quoting Michael Steele as justification of their views

    black in-the-closet bigots quoting President Carter as justification of their views

    BTW: I declare that only in-the-closet bigots should be upset by my statements!!!

  42. g says:

    real radical, you’re like a broken record – so predictable in all your above posts – ‘you’re all white and none of you are right’ blah, blah, blah. why don’t u start your own blog…that would be entertaining! Just look what you’ve done to poor “ccthatsme” hes gone off the deep end! i’m sure there is a market out there somewhere for all your racial victimization dogma (what is this, 1968?). in the meantime, keep flailing away with your posts here my friend

  43. meatgrinda says:

    Mr. Peanut standing up for Mr. Potato Head. Does that make me a food racist now? What a laugher.

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