Poems by Resonate’: Loneliness

People need other people.  And I believe a great deal of us experience feeling alone at times.  Some more than others whether we admit it or not.  This is my attempt to speak to it’s often complex way of battling our psyche.




Torturing my soul – incapacitating me

Torch songs and sad melodies

I hate you

A friend your not but you hang around like you love me

Taking my will and drowning me in sorrows

Assassinating my hope and faith in tomorrow


Alone in my heart – emptiness and grief

Piercing look in my eyes gritting my teeth

In anger I rebel and say fuck you to the world

I don’t need you or the love you pretend to give

Hell Is For Children blast through my ears

This sickness has plagued my soul for years


Imagination – get me away from here

Take me to a dream world where I won’t have to fear

Give me temporary relief so that I can go on

Fooling myself so I can go on

Wake up in the morning so I can go on

Breathe again so I can go on


This mean wicked of a being

Shows me the way and keeps me from seeing

Love right before my eyes

Is it the truth or a repeated surprise

Deja vu damn I have been here before

Walking upright esteem touches the floor

Leave me alone I don’t want you no more


Loneliness sits down and begins to speak

Tell me all about my situation so bleak.

I cry for help but there is none to be found

I listen for clues but no not a sound

If I could sleep I would

Should I give up, maybe I should

Save me save me I cry once again

Touch my inner child, heal me again

But loneliness embraces me tight and won’t let go

Her voice I hear, her touch I know

In an intoxicating way she kisses me goodnight

While I smile and wave pretending everything’s alright. 



© Resonate’