Poems by Resonate’: Loneliness

People need other people.  And I believe a great deal of us experience feeling alone at times.  Some more than others whether we admit it or not.  This is my attempt to speak to it’s often complex way of battling our psyche.




Torturing my soul – incapacitating me

Torch songs and sad melodies

I hate you

A friend your not but you hang around like you love me

Taking my will and drowning me in sorrows

Assassinating my hope and faith in tomorrow


Alone in my heart – emptiness and grief

Piercing look in my eyes gritting my teeth

In anger I rebel and say fuck you to the world

I don’t need you or the love you pretend to give

Hell Is For Children blast through my ears

This sickness has plagued my soul for years


Imagination – get me away from here

Take me to a dream world where I won’t have to fear

Give me temporary relief so that I can go on

Fooling myself so I can go on

Wake up in the morning so I can go on

Breathe again so I can go on


This mean wicked of a being

Shows me the way and keeps me from seeing

Love right before my eyes

Is it the truth or a repeated surprise

Deja vu damn I have been here before

Walking upright esteem touches the floor

Leave me alone I don’t want you no more


Loneliness sits down and begins to speak

Tell me all about my situation so bleak.

I cry for help but there is none to be found

I listen for clues but no not a sound

If I could sleep I would

Should I give up, maybe I should

Save me save me I cry once again

Touch my inner child, heal me again

But loneliness embraces me tight and won’t let go

Her voice I hear, her touch I know

In an intoxicating way she kisses me goodnight

While I smile and wave pretending everything’s alright. 



© Resonate’

9 thoughts on “Poems by Resonate’: Loneliness

  1. Rich says:

    fingers snapping repetitively

  2. abbey says:

    I think I’m gonna cry
    Thats my life in your words
    Im speachless. Im moved.
    I need a hug.

  3. bbgcmac says:

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Like I said you are not by yourself – you are just one to admit it.
    Calling on all fellow bloggers to give Abbey a hug! 🙂

  4. diane says:

    That right Abbey , tell it!!!! I tried to tell Chris that his words can move a girl heart, his words speak to a deeper place and can make a girl fall in love, lol

  5. bbgcmac says:

    Whatever! LOL! It’s just a poem.. And I am just a writer of many topics. This is a diverse blog which cover many areas – (though i can’t stray too far from politics right this moment… ) but it will never be the “love page”.. this is why i left myspace alone!

    I have fun with this but its a serious piece of work too. Ya’ll can use the material for picking up folk if ya want.. just make sure i get my financial cut out of it!

  6. diane says:

    of course its serious and more than just a poem, its relatable and and we feel you took our feelings and put them to words in a way most cannot do

  7. rich says:

    Repeating my original comment that never made it through:

    Repetitive Finger Snaps

    Don’t be modest C, it’s ok to accept praise for your talents.

  8. abbey says:

    Ya dont stray to far from politics youre the only one that can seem to get me to pay attention to that crap lol. But keep up the heart felt stuff. I havnt run across many men that can put so much passion in their words. Like I said your refeshingly different.
    And Im sure you have melted and will continue to melt many a frozen heart even if you dont realize it.

  9. bbgcmac says:

    The political thing is important and you should indeed be up on it. Not just the presidential elections where they spend all the money – but the local ones as well. You and the ones you love are affected everyday by the decisions people make from the sheriffs, to the judges, to the alderman, mayors, prosecuting attorneys and so forth. Sometimes it doesn’t matter much who the president is – but i can tell you it does this year for sure! So you owe it to yourself and your children to not only participate, but be educated on whats going on at least generally in the nation, and specifically on your block and in your neighborhoods – and teach them the same! You will thrive or suffer regardless…. you may as well have a choice in the matter!

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