Super Sunday in Tampa

Two weeks is definitely enough time to wait around for the Super Bowl.  For the teams, they get a chance to enjoy the moment and perhaps heal or recover a bit from a season full of hits.  But for the media, they tend to run out of things to say and it get’s pretty redundant.

“Hey, did you know that Kurt Warner used to bag groceries?” 

“Did you know Cardinals coach Ken Whiesenhunt used to coach the Steelers and wanted the job after Cowher retired?”

“Jerome Bettis is from Detroit,”  and “Tyler Hansborough plays hard,” is tired of hearing it.  But it is what it is.  Such are the story lines that we have to listen to over and over again leading up to the big game.  Normally I just stay away from it so I won’t get a case of Super Bowl Media Coverage Overkill.

I will readily admit that I am a die hard Steelers fan.  I grew up adoring the black and gold as much as I did the purple and gold of the Lakers.  I had the priviledge of meeting Bradshaw, Swan, Stallworth, Franco, Blier, Greene, Lambert, Blount, etc. as a kid on a hot training camp day in Latrobe, PA.   I am in no way less impressed with this crew of Big Ben, Hines, Palo, and Farrior.  I would love to see US get another ring for the other hand.


Still, I can’t hate on my man Larry Fitzgerald.  He has mad game and went to the University of Pittsburgh.  I am glad I already invested in his authentic #11 jersey a couple years ago.  I’m sure I’ll rock it sometime this week as a show of respect that I have for him and the way he plays the game.

Generally, people in St. Louis still have plenty of affection for Warner.  He brought us a Super Bowl victory and if it were not for Mike Martz outsmarting himself and freezing Marshall Faulk out of the next Super Bowl they played in we would have had another one.  Kurt is definitely hot and feeling it right now and I don’t take that from him.  Still I think he left St. Louis like a sucka.  They were losing game after game, he threw pick after pick, and he led the league in fumbles ala Tony Banks.  Yet instead of taking some responsbility for his bad play, he never did.  Instead he whined about how the team seemed to not want him to read his bible at practice. 

I was like, “Hell when you’re winning read all the scriptures you want.  But if not, try the play book when your at Rams Park for practice.” 

Same thing when he went to the Giants.  He played like crap and never owned it.  But when he’s winning, it’s Jesus this and Jesus that.  Never Jesus when they lost, just excuses.

That’s my rant.  Still you wouldn’t find many people that don’t think Kurt is a good guy.  I am sure he is.  And I am genuinly happy for him getting another crack at it.

Much love to my friends Vonda and her husband Sponce.  I grew up with Vonda and we were together on that training camp trip as kids.  Her and hubby own 4 Steeler season tickets at  Heinz Field and they will be at the game on Sunday.  (Hey V, I’m looking for my gear in the mail…. what’s up? ) 

Anyway, hardly no one I hear gives the Cardinals a chance.  Most of the pundits are predicting a blowout.  I can’t figure that one out.  This may be the Cardinals first look at a title.  And the Steelers have a great defense and 20 something guys from the last Super Bowl winning team on this one.  Still the Birds are hot.  Fitzgerald is playing out of his mind, and if Bolden is not fussing with his O cordinator on the sidelines, he can be a game breaker himself.  I hope the Steelers aren’t believing the hype and expect to be in for a battle.

And so it is.  My dad was a Big Red fan when the football team was here in St. Louis.  He loved Terry Metcalf, Roy Green, Jim Hart, Dan Dierdorf, and Ottis Anderson.  For years and years Bill Bidwill didn’t seem to care whether the team won or lost – only if they made money – much to the dismay of many loyal fans.  I think a lot of them will root for the Cardinals on Sunday – Especially with that Warner connection.   As I said, I am happy for them – but don’t get it twisted.  I will have my terrible towel with me waving it in front of some TV set.  My loyalties are with Mike Tomlin and the Steel City! 

Even the president is with me on this one… I’m just sayin!

Enjoy the game everyone~

Go Steelers!    


I’m Just Saying…. Seriously~

…  or musings from being intoxicated during Monday Night Football

* Well with the Dow dropping in record numbers and the Bail Out plan in pieces on the floors of congress, I figure it’s going to take an “Incredible” to fix the economy.  Seriously!

* So I was in the hood the other day.  Picked up a bootleg copy of that new Samuel L. Jackson movie, “Lakeview Terrace.”  Sometimes you really have to watch those bootlegs.  I mean a guy can get ripped off.  I knew something was wrong when I saw Snoop Dogg playing Sam’s role.  Yea the c.o.p was being played by the D. O. Double G.  And then these bootleggers get all imaginative with their movies adding stuff that’s not supposed to be there.  They like to mix movies like a DJ mixes hip hop records.  So my bootleg copy of Lakeview was combined with Tyler Perry’s, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.  Yea.  After Snoop swiped a credit card down Mudear’s ass, I just turned the movie off.  I’m just saying! 


* Did you get a load of John McCain smirking everytime Barack Obama got off on his ass in the debates the other night?  He had this look as if to say, “Look Sambo, you talk well and all but I am the white man… what do you think is going to happen on November 4th?” I don’t want to start any rumors, but right after the debates I was looking at an episode of Beavis and Butthead.  And Butthead asked the question,… “Senator McCain, are you my daddy?  Seriously!


* So anyway, did I mention that it’s been quite a while since I had some?  Well when it’s been long enough for a guy everything you look at starts remindind you of sex.   I was watching Monday Night Football.  And at halftime ESPN has this segment called “The Fastest 3 Minutes in Sports.”  It’s where they cram all the highlights and scores from the previous Sunday’s NFL games.  I sat there and thought to myself, “Hmm… the fastest three minutes in sports.  Is that really supposed to be for highlights?  Or is it code for the amount of time a guy can get away from the TV and get a quickie before the third quarter starts?  I mean, thats about all a girl can ask for during halftime anyway right?

Oh… so what did I do with my three minutes?  Well that’s none of your business so I’m not gonna tell you that. 

Oh.. you want to know what happened Sunday?  No problem.  Carolina beat Atlanta, Cleveland beat Cincinnati, Jacksonville beat Houston, Kansas City upset Denver, The Saints beat the 49ers, Tampa beat Green Bay, (Aaron Rogers has a separated shoulder) Tennessee beat Minnesota, the Chargers beat the Raiders, (Kiffen is giong to be fired at any moment now) Buffalo beat the Rams (Linehan got fired) the Skins beat the Cowboys (T.O. is selfish) Chicago beat Philly, the Jets beat Arizona and Brett Favre had 6 touchdown passes.  I’m just saying….Seriously

 Steelers beat Ravens in OT