The Man Bible 4: Always Hold To Your Deepest Realization

Make your life an ongoing process of being who you are, at your deepest most easeful levels of being.  Everything other than this process is secondary.  Your job, your children, your wife, your money, your artistic creations, your pleasures – they are all superficial and empty, if they are now floating in the deep sea of your conscious loving.  – David Deida

This was rather deep for me.  Not because I didn’t recognize the principle.  But because I have – deep in the portals of my soul I have.  I had never heard it said in audible language.  So I didn’t have anything to reference it to.  But I have heard this message more than once. 

As I find myself living, part of my challenge has been to prioritize my life.  Specifically I mean my schedule in terms of how I arrange my time for work, (as in corporate) vocation, (as in life’s purpose,personal dreams and goals), task (as in the mundane assignments such as going to the bank, paying bills, going to the grocery store etc. ) time for family, friends.  And the all important down time I so desperately need just to keep my spirit calm.  My deepest desire is to first go after that which pertains to my life’s purpose.  When I write I feel so fulfilled.  Flowing in this gift and expressing my heart in this form give me a great sense of purpose.  And even if no one reads what I write, still inside I am satisfied and feel as if my life is productive and valid.  There is so much inside of me and its liberating when I can exhale thoughts to words which can be read and understood.  It brings an even brighter clarity to what is within. 

However, what often happens is that I delay the use of my gifts in favor of the other areas mentioned.  (anything outside of my core purpose) I also feel good when I am on top of my business.   So making a list on my calendar and following it to completion also gives me some degree of personal satisfaction.  Certainly this is significant because I can’t just roll with my head to the sky all the time.   A man has to be able to take care of business.  But I find that even if I complete everything on my list, if I do not tap into my core purpose at some point I become restless and edgy. 

Then there are other distractions that I allow to take a front seat to my purpose.  There is entertainment such as television and sports.  There is my social life wanting to get out and play.  Sometimes its just busy-work.  I often said that I have more stuff goin on than the president.  Most all things are OK within their respective places.  There is nothing wrong with watching TV, enjoying entertainment, socializing, playing video games or whatever.  The problem becomes when these things take priority over pursuit of the reason God created me – therefore neglecting to sharpen, enhance and share them with a world who depends on them to contribute a harmony that would otherwise not be achieved.  The same could be said for anyone. 

All of the things mentioned in Deida’s paragraph above are important.  They are a part of both the pleasures and responsibilities that go with living a productive and balanced life.  However, they are all to fall under subjection to the will of The Creator.  Many people are out of balance.  It’s common to hear of someone so consumed with work or ministry that they neglect their family for instance.  I tend to believe that if we operate under the tutelage of our hearts surrendered to The Master, while sometimes the work we do may cause our loved ones to make a sacrifice in terms of our time, neglect would never occur.  The Universe is always in balance – as we should be.

One thought on “The Man Bible 4: Always Hold To Your Deepest Realization

  1. Rich says:

    But I find that even if I complete everything on my list, if I do not tap into my core purpose at some point I become restless and edgy.

    That describes me to a “t”. I’m restless and edgy right now.

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