Charlie Bubba on Politics & The Economy

I was on the East Side recently watching Flyers football – And afterwards I decided to stop in one of the local watering holes for a draft.  Low and behold I walk into my main man Charlie Bubba.  Some of you may remember Charlie “The Ghetto Philosopher” from the last time he appeared on these post.  He has a way of keeping it real.  You won’t catch this cat on CNN, but he’s like the Anderson Cooper of the hood.

I sat next to Charlie at the bar, gave him some dap and after catching up on things in the hood, and the Flyers’ chances to win state this year, I asked him about his take on the economy and the presidential campaigns with less than a month to go before the election.  He shot me a look as if to remind me that old playa’s theme tag that the game is to be sold not told.  I was with it – so I told the bartender to pour Charlie’s favorite on me.  I then pulled out my recorder.  With that, he smiled and started to speak:

Come on C!  Shit is fuuuuucked up.  What you been under a rock?  Let me get to the funny shit first.  I mean the shit that cracks me the hell up.  First look at the welfare package they just passed… that 700 billion welfare package they passed for rich motherfuckers.  First they sell that shit to the public as if it was going to save the country.  And if they didn’t pass it, it would doom the country.  No sooner than they pass it – the Dow falls like ho panties!  I mean what the fuuuuuk?  Then them niggas is sayin’ “Oh shit ain’t gone be fixed off the top – we are still dealing with major challenges and shit with the economy – blah blah blah.”  Them White Niggas in Washington got to be the baddest pimps ever.  Then I find out that them Niggas at AIG who already got billions in welfare, got a piece of the new welfare too – double dippin and shit.  And no sooner than they got the first government check, instead of fixing shit so niggas can work and feed their families – they asses is up in a hotel spending 440 Large for some spa and shit.  Over 23 large for ‘spa treatments.’ Yea.. spa my ass.  They were in the spa alright – if spa means getting fuckin and getting their dicks sucked by some high priced hoes.  I’m telling you now… if Charlie Bubba spend 440 large somebody gone be sucking my dick till it fall off… ya dig.  This sounds like some Eliot Spitzer shit to me!  Now why them Niggas ain’t fired or in jail?  I call that shit welfare abuse.  Don’t let Tamika get aid and buy a beer and some cigarettes to calm her nerves at the end of the week… white folks would be losing their fucking minds.   I saw the debate the other night.. bailout, rescue – whatever the fuck they want to call it – The shit is WELFARE and now WELFARE ABUSE!  Them niggas ain’t slick – hell, game recognize game C. 

I shook my head cause I couldn’t disagree with Bubba – in spite of his language he seemed to have the heartbeat of the situation.  I followed up, “So do you think the election will change things?”

Shiiiit playa I don’t know.  I mean shit remains to be seen ya dig.  Some historical game being played and we ain’t never been here before.  I do know this.. McCain crusty ass is getting on my fuckin nerves. His ass look like he should run for president of Bedrock!  And that lipstick pit-bull bitch is too.   You see they invoking the south and shit in their speeches… got honkeys riled up talking about Obama’s middle name… honkeys yelling ‘kill him,’  ‘off with his head’, and all this crazy shit, and they ain’t saying nothing about it.  When all else fails just play to racial hate.  Even Cindy’s ass got in on the act.  One minute the campaign is saying kids are a private matter, next she’s trying to put Obama on blast for not “funding her son” in the war.  Shit!  That bitch got enough money to fund the whole fuckin military – who is SHE kidding?  Sell one of them 9 houses!  And on a side note… where is that nigga Bill Clinton at?  Bitch ass nigga can’t support a black man… can’t even say his name.   Him and his wife can kiss my ass cause their Little Rock asses is AOL.  I’m digressing though.

On paper McCainasaurus Rex shouldn’t even be in the race.  Only ignorance and racist Dixie whistling motherfuckers is keeping him in the game.  Maybe the young folks can outnumber them bigots… Niggas need to get their asses out to the polls… cause if you think the shit was scandalous in 2000 and 2004, wait till we see what them right wing fuckers pull out their asses this November son!  …. You registered nigga?

Come on CB you know this?  Since I was 18!

Alright then… get to the polls early.  Bring and ID and don’t be wearing no Obama T-Shirt either.   As a matter of fact, say your voting for the old fart and then do the opposite.

After that Charlie bought my next beer and I just sat there thinking about what he was saying.  I could see all the dimensions of his aged face.  Hope, fear, anticipation, all of the things an older guy like him has seen over the years.  Charlie Bubba marched with King.  He lived in Birmingham.  He knows what’s at stake here.  I just hope that most Americans do too – and that they will do what’s right come November 4. 

2 thoughts on “Charlie Bubba on Politics & The Economy

  1. Rich says:

    Man, this race is a trip. Chelle was riding through Ladue yesterday and she said all she saw was McCain signs. You know what that is about.

    I just hope we come out strong this time around. Voter registration is through the roof this year. We just need to be on watch for the shady play.

    I know one thing, Barack better not do an Al Gore and roll over if they play from the bottom of the deck. That better be one time that he decides to show his color.

  2. Abbey says:

    Hey wassup
    I find the whole thing generaly to be a predestined situation. Those that run this country (not the president either) will chose whom they whish to see sit in that seat, no matter how the people vote. We all know that the president truely doesnt have as much power as he/ or one day she may, choose to think they do. They can only spew crap to sway us to thier sides. LOL with that said, Im 34 and this is the first time I will vote. Just in the case its not rigged this year I have to make sure I get my say so in, and maybe once we will get someone in there that will actually work to help America as a whole. Instead of making the rich richer off the back of those who struggle just to eat and keep their kids warm safe and clean.
    We can only hope
    Lets hope for a drastic change in the way this country is motivated. Ill bank my family on something new, having a non white male “leading the front line” I already know how the others have done it. Only step better would be either a non white female or maybe ET 🙂

    Much love

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