Poems by Resonate’: Healing in the Touch

An aquaintance of mine always uses this term, and it has stuck with me.  After a couple years of hearing it, I finally felt inspired to do something with the concept.


Healing In The Touch


What’s happening brotha

Can I get some dap

With a soul brotha shake – that gimme love embrace

I haven’t been around much

Maybe you can catch me up

There is healing in your touch


3 in the afternoon

Picking my baby up from school

I hold her in my arms

The weight of the world long gone

I missed you so much

There is healing in her touch


From spirit to through the womb

The warmth of her son, under the moon

My face against her chest

Her heartbeat made me rest

My bottom my back she clutched

There was healing in my momma’s touch


Hey baby it’s been a while

Missed your smell and your smile

How was your day?  Mine so-so

But this much yes – I do know

Under the covers where we lay

We can talk about the week or the day

Inhale me exhale your troubles away

I’m not talking about a carnal lust

But in this union do I trust

Inside each other – there’s healing in this touch


The touch is good to the soul

Stimulating young and old

All types all kinds we celebrate

Loving touches void of hate

Proper touches from God’s own heart

This is where the healing starts~

Can’t buy with money fame or wealth

Good for spirit prone towards health

So touch a brotha, sista, or self~


© 2008 Resonate’

One thought on “Poems by Resonate’: Healing in the Touch

  1. Rich says:

    I like that.

    Favorite line:

    Inhale me exhale your troubles away

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