Economics 2008

Mike Smith Cartoon

Lets hope after this whole “Joe the non licensened ain’t about to buy no damn company plummer crap” don’t get Americans twisted.  If Joe’s broke ass did buy a company making 250 Large I’m thinking with a decent accountant, hell the local H&R Block guywould show him that by the time he paid employees and deducted expenditures he would still come out ahead on Obama’s tax plan.  Dumbass Joe!  His fifteen minutes of fame is only revealing that he is as incompetent to run a plumbing business as McCain/Palin are at being president.  It amazes me that after 8 years of the C student how America has turned its back on excellence.  The Harvard grad all of a sudden can’t relate to Joe Sixpack’s ass?  And what is with this relating to a hockey mom and all that stuff good for anyway?  Sure you want a person who can be in touch with most the differing status of Americans, but if all they can do is relate then I can be president or VP.   I need someone smarter than me who can help fix the problems of the nation.  Relating won’t do it.  But think about it… some Americans are so diluted that they would rather have mediocre leadership that they can relate to all the while wondering why their jobs are going oversees.

Again… those who are on the McCain/Palin bandwagon who happen to be poor or middle class especially… shake yourselves!

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