Powell Sent Back To The Fields

Colin Powell









Where “House” Field Negro’s Dare Venture

Fellow blogger C-Haze 77 broke it down when she spoke about the way GOP hardliners have thrown esteemed military general, former National Security Advisor, former General of the Joints Chief of Staff, former Secretary of State, clean under the bus for his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.   I saw this coming when I heard rumblings of this possible choice the last few weeks.  One one hand, if he were to choose McCain, they would have said, “This great American, Statesman, Soldier of Soldiers, men of men who worked for the beloved Ronald Wilson Reagan, Bush Sr. and W, supports another soldier in Senator McCain.”  They would have used his juice to further their agenda.  But if he went with Obama, then they would say in effect its just a nigga voting for another nigga. 

This is the epitome of certain republicans and right wing hardliners to use race when it’s convenient for them, but always accuse people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of using race anytime they point out racial injustices.  Mind you now none of them have said a word about people calling for Senator Obama’s head, these Obama bucks that came out recently, or all the other race baiting Obama/Osama bullshit correlations.  But they are calling Powell a racist?   Certainly he cannot have a set of well thought out reasons for supporting Obama right?  Hmm, lets see… read the transcript here. 

Personally I have admired and critiqued Gen. Powell, and questioned his judgment in some critical areas.  I think he made some mistakes along the way with the topper being that false report he gave to the UN concerning Iraq.   Clearly he had enough of carrying the water for the war hawks and thus he stepped down after not being welcome any longer.  They used his credibility initially to sell the war, then promptly gave him the boot to the join the rest of the Field Negros.

Obviously Powell still has juice.  If he didn’t Tom Brokaw would not have had him on Meet The Press with less than three weeks before the election.  And believe me the GOP wanted that endorsement. 

I wonder what Secretary of State Rice thinks of all this? I wonder if she will speak out against the way her friend and longtime colleague is being treated by the people she has worked so hard for.  I wonder if she understands that if she were to “step out of line” they would make her out to be some dumb black Aunt Jemimah… that these people have no love for her either.  I’m not saying an African-American cannot be a republican.   Lord knows that the Democrats are seldom our friends unless they need our votes.  Most black folks are personally conservative and socially liberal anyway.   We need representation in every influential political party.  I am saying that if people Rice, Lynn Swann, Michael Steele as well as people likerepublican strategist Tara Wall don’t privately and publically call them out on this… they are just as guilty as those promoting the racism against their own people. 

Condoleezza Rice

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