The Blueprint ~ Finishing the Year Righteous!

I live that thug life baby I’m hopeless – smoking off indo tryin to keep my focus!  – Tupac


First I have to say Thank God for that xtra hour – cause it was on point today!

Anyway with a little less than two months remaining in 2008, (man does the time fly) it’s time for me to step my game up in a few areas.  I decided to put it on out there on record so my friends can hold me accountable to my goals.  My first set are for the last couple months or by the New Year.  After that I will drop the 09 personal and professional goals.  With that said feel free to comment and ask me anytime how I am doing in said areas – and I will answer honestly of course.  So here goes!

Vote Barack Obama in for president! – Hey, this is at the top of my food chain of things to do.  Not sure whether I will make it early or after work to the polls – but I will be casting my vote for this life changing moment in time!

Discipline My Temple: Ok, so I am not a fat slob or anything, but still I need lose 20-25 lbs.  Currently I am hovering slightly above 200lbs.  Idealistically I need to be between 175-180 lbs.  Realistically I can rock it at 180-185 and be relatively comfortable.   That means feeling energetic and fitting in all of my pants!  I am a health concious person – and am disciplined enough to fast and drop 15 lbs with the quickness – but my challenge is eating healthy on an ongoing basis.  I love to eat – flat out.  And I love a cold beer after a long day to help take the edge off.  So balance and temperance are in order for me to make good choices.  By Jan 1st, I will not weigh over 185 – PERIOD!

Embrace The Day: This morning I woke up in a wonderful place.  I felt in tuned with my spirit and was ready to take on day.  I put myself in the mind to make a positive contribution and to remain calm – ready to accept the challenges and give grace where needed, wisdom where asked, and peace to all whom I come into contact with.  I don’t know how many days I have left in this life – but to look at each day as a gift and an opportunity rather than “just like any other day” is my goal.  I don’t want to carry yesterday’s junk into tomorrow.  I want to fully live in the present moment with gusto – while being able to learn from the past and project goals for the future.  So for this I need to continue to feed my spirit the things it needs to thrive and connect with the power of the universe.  I want to flow with what is already in place and manifest my destiny.

Step up My Daddy Game: Most of the time I have adjusted well to the changing needs of my children.  But for my baby, I seemed to have missed the mark.  In her desire to please me I never know the difference as she “acts” happy and joyful when we are together.  However, she is probably growing and maturing at a faster pace than I have noticed.  Plus I think I will always look at her as my little girl.  So I need to regroup and bring her closer to me so that by the time she’s a teen she is not missing what she needs from me.  I am very concerned about this – so I just plan to shower her with love and pray I get the answers I need to provide the spiritual and emotional security she needs from dad. 

Finish Small Book: I am working on a book I believe will really benifit the youth (mainly young men from 16-25).  It’s at least half done but I need to finish it so that I can make the connections I need to have it edited, published, marketed, and into the hands of those who will benefit from the things that are shared in it.  Again this is part of my destiny and purpose for being here.  So I can’t devote all of my time to corporate America and the day to day “busy work” of errands, fun etc.  In the words of Dr. James Farmer (Forest Whitaker in “The Great Debators.”) “We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do.”

I guess thats a big enough list for two months right?  I do have plans for 09 that I will document at the beginning of the year.  If I can just regulate these areas of my life, these disciplines should put me on a more direct track to living my dreams.  I have lived most of my life for others in most cases.  And by the time the middle of 09 comes around, I want it to start being about me a little more ya dig?  I just need to be more disciplined and focused. 

Thanks for your help and encouragement!  And by all means check on me!

One thought on “The Blueprint ~ Finishing the Year Righteous!

  1. Abbey says:

    rock on with your bad self Gramsp, and do the dayum thing.
    Do what you need to take care of you and yours and bring yourself up to be the best and most spiritualy sound person you can.

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