Making It Happen & Being Counted!

I did it!  I cannot say how happy I am that the moment I have waited for has finally come.  I made it to the polls at 5:45am this morning – stood in an old school civil rights line more than a block long and finally casted my vote for Senator Barack Obama!  The crowe was thick, enthusiastic, patient and most of all ready for the change we need!

I feel as if a heavy weight is off my shoulders as I did my due dilligence. 

Whatever it takes familia, make it happen!

Pics L-R  1. The crowd outside the polling place  2. The crowd inside the polling place 3. Rocking the paper ballots. (There were electronic ones too – I just didn’t trust them.  4. A happy me after taking part in history!

2 thoughts on “Making It Happen & Being Counted!

  1. abbey says:

    Two great big thumbs up, dang i didnt even think to take a pic of me to document history in the making and how i was part.
    just glad I got up and did it

  2. Christian says:

    its 11:41 on Nov 4 and all i gotta say is…..WE FINALLY GOT A PIECE OF THE PIE!!!!!!! LOL

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