Sending Love to A Real Renissance Man


Florida State’s Myron Roll is slated not only to be und draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft, he is also one of the winners of the prestigious Rhodes Scholar awards which will allow him a two year stint at Oxford University in England.   

Rolle did his final interview in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday afternoon, then boarded a private jet to the University of Maryland to join his teammates in beating the Terps!

He plans to attend medical school after his NFL career, and eventually open a medical clinic in his native Bahamas.

Congratulations Mr. Rolle!

Charlie Bubba Speaks: On Obama, Bailouts and Admin Picks

“You know I keeps a private jet!”  – Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

My East St. Louis Flyers football team is going to State!  They beat Glynn Ellyn (Chicago) 27-20 to advance to the title game to be played on Saturday, November 29th in Champaign, Illinois.  

The buzz about town is all about the team and when I went to the local pub last night I ran into my man Charlie Bubba.  I hadn’t seen “The Ghetto Philosopher/Anderson Cooper” of the hood since before the election.  It was time to get caught up on what he thought about the election and what was ahead for the nation.  Per tradition I had the bartender hit Bubba with his drink of choice.  From there, once again it was on.

We did it nigga!  What can I say?  Fouth of July will never be the same at the White House huh?  (laughing) I had to admit a nigga teared up a bit on election night.  Man the shit was unbelievable.  White folks was quiet as a motherfucker!  Went to work and they asses wasn’t sayin shit – like it was an ordinary day!  I was like ‘fuck it.’  They know.  I fucked with them though.  I was at work doing my thang, emptying the trash buckets and shit and walked in on a group of white folks in a meeting and said, “What cha’ll doing here?”‘ ‘ Ya’ll didn’t hear the announcement? ‘  Them white boys in the ties was like, ‘What announcement?’  I said, ‘Obama said all white people report to the cotton fields for orientation!’  (Cracking himself up)

“I heard that joke.” I told Bubba. 

On the real though – Charlie Bubba thinks Barack’s ass got a shit-load of mess to deal with.  Can’t get no worse.  First thang they got to do is get this corporate welfare under control!  You know that shit they call the bailout?  I mean damn!  Every company in the nation is crying for dollars!  But these Detroit motherfuckers pull up in a goddamn private jet to the fucking District to ask for some cheddar!  Is that shit gangsta or what?  I mean that takes some BALLS!  I guess first class wasn’t going to get it for these mafia ass niggas.  And the killa part is C, if they give these niggas the loot, hell you see how they rolling now.  Is that money going to help the company or their asses?  Shiiiiiit.  They saw this shit coming a long time ago and didn’t do shit about it.  I say fuck’em!  Cause as we know, they won’t put the money where it really needs to go!  And while ya at it, them union motherfuckers need to stand down too.  Them 70 dollar an hour screwing a bolt on the assembly line gangster ass mother fuckers need to back the fuck up too.  I mean damn!  The fucking gravy train is over.  They can’t pay the retired motherfuckers for paying their asses.  They need to come together and work shit out.  But I just can’t see it happening.  Either way the little man is going to get dropped off.  Jobs are going to be lost regardless.  Watch!

Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli, left, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally testify on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

What about Obama’s cabinet picks? 

I mean so far so good.  Nigga’s got some diversity up in the spot!  I like Rahm, he can be the bad guy to Obama’s good guy.  Mona Sutphen for Deputy Chief.  Holden for AG.  I like it.  I see he’s trying to throw Hillary a bone… hell a big fat ass bone.  But dammit that fucking Bill just can’t stay in his shoes!  I guarantee you he’s gonna fuck with Obama one way or the other for the duration.   I mean if any man has ever been a diva it’s William!  And it’s like damn, Obama’s trying to get her ass in there for a sweet power position – but William is just a major hater!  His hustle is his foundation, and he’s got too many connections around the globe with unscrupulous motherfuckers.  AND he still thinks he’s the fuckin president.  He hates Obama I’m telling you.  And he’s always gone try to outshine a nigga one way or the other.  So Obama is caught in the middle. 

In spite of all the critical things Bubba had to say about the current events.  He smiled at me.  It was a certain smile, a proud smile and I couldn’t figure out what it was for. 

“What man?”

I’m just saying C.  The cool ass thing about an Obama presidency is that he won’t let shit be all on him.  He’s gonna go old school Kennedy.  You know.. ask not what the country can do for you shit.  He’s gonna ask us citizens to do shit too to contribute to the national welfare.  And I can dig that shit.   I’m ready to contribute.  Hell I may even stop drinking…. some.  I mean damn you can only ask a nigga for so much! 

With that I slapped Bubba a five and started to walk out the door. 

Hey nigga… wait!  You goin to the game?  Pick a nigga up!  We going to State baby!

I gotcha Chuck!