Showing Some Love for the Fallen Innocent Servants

Leonard Riggins

For those who don’t live in the St. Louis area, you may or may not have heard of the tragedy of this St. Louis Firefighter who was shot and killed by a carjacker on Wednesday the day after the election.  Leonard Riggins was in his fire department vehicle as he approached an accident.  Though off duty he stopped anyway.  Unfortunately the accident was caused by a car jacker who then shot Riggins in the chest. 

Later that suspect was shot and killed by police.  (I ain’t mad about it either… though it doesn’t bring Riggins back…. not saying thats right, just being real about it.)

Many thoughts and prayers to Rigginn’s family as well as his brothers and sisters with the Fire Department.

Also a week ago University City Police Officer Sgt. Michael King 50, was also shot and killed while sitting in his partrol car.  A suspect has been arrested and we hope they get the right person so justice can be served.  King was buried on Tuesday, November 4.

These senseless killings need to stop!

 casket of Sgt. Michael King

Fantasy Government

fantasy_islandSince we’ve elected the first President of African descent, it got me to thinking about some things.  Obviously President Obama is a well qualified man with a plan for the country.  I am confident we are a lot better off than we were the last 8 years.  He is just the man for this time too.  I think he will be an amazing president.

However, when you consider that W was in office for 8 years, (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) and the fact that even this year Sarah (The shopaholic I don’t know the countries in NATO and I didn’t know Africa was a continent- isn’t it just a country?) Palin got several million votes partnering with McCain for the highest office, I’m thinking that the criteria has slipped some just for them to expect to win.  I hope President Obama’s tenure will again raise the bar to where it needs to be both intellectually and morally.

Meanwhile, I figure we can have a little fun.  If Palin can come out of nowhere and not know a damn thing and get all those votes with McCain – then most any of us could have been president huh? 

My question to you is if you were to be president, what would you change about the nation?  Never-mind congress and vetoes.  In this game you are the Commander in Chief with all powers!  Give me something, … anything you could change big or small significant or minuscule.  What would you do with the economy, the war, or erectile dysfunction commercials where guys throw footballs through tires. 

Sidebar –  Boy is that subtle huh?  Uhhh what does that mean?  Getting the football through the hole in the tire… I don’t get it. 

You get the point.  Its wide open so take your shot at change!  What will it be?   

They got fantasy football, baseball and basketball.  Now we have Fantasy Government!