I Am Sam


I am sure for many of you I am way behind in the game.  But I just saw the movie, “I Am Sam over the weekend and it was one of the best films I have ever seen in my life. 

Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer were absolutely wonderful.  And Dakota Fanning showed a depth to her character thats rarely seen in young actors/actresses.

The script was brilliantly true to life, though the writers seemed to have some obsession with The Beatles.  This is not meant to be an official movie review.  I just wanted to suggest that if you’ve never seen this incredible movie you should.  And if you have, now may be the time to see it again.

The performances really reminds me of how terriffic the artist are who make such characters believable.  And the themes give us reason to be thankful and shows us the magic of unconditional love and acceptance of others who are not like us.

One thought on “I Am Sam

  1. abbey says:

    I loved that movie, ya I showed my big cry baby self when I saw it. Thats why I stick to the action. There are way too many parents in real life that dont even try to work half has hard for their kids, as Sean Penns character does. In my heart Penns character Sam is really only mentally challenged by the stupidy of those around him.

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