Please Obama, Say NO to “The Diva” William!


It was only recently during the campaign that William “The Diva” Jefferson Clinton was going Joe Traderman Lieberman and dogging the soon to be President Elect every chance he got.  Not just during the primary when his wife was running for her own piece of history.  (That was understandable.)  But once the primaries past,  The Diva was bitter and all but campaigned for John McCain.  He was going around calling McCain a “great man” but wouldn’t even say Barack’s name. 

Now he’s all on Obama’s nuts-sack trying to get put on like Bonita Applebaum for some “Super Ambassador” role.  What the hell is a Super Ambassador?  Is that like Superman Lover or a Super Delegate?  Just some shit he made up to gloss himself once again and get under Obama’s “spotlight.”  (Somebody get this fool a copy of Jennifer’s CD)

The Ultimate Collection

Anyway – The President Elect already made Hillary Sec of State.  I think he’s given the Clinton’s enough bones to play with and if The Diva is left to do his speaking engagements and collect cheddar from the world’s leading crooks for his “charities,” then go right ahead.  Don’t be trying to get all up in the Kool-Aid now!  Ya HATER!


2 thoughts on “Please Obama, Say NO to “The Diva” William!

  1. Abbey says:

    You know seriously some people are just never satisfied……..ever.

  2. YO SON Christian says:

    lol yea too many Clints already daddy

    Dec. 3 Happy Birthday me!!! ^.^

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