Relections Of…

As each year closes I think of the events, the happenings as well as the ups and downs of the previous 364 days.  This year has been something else and it seems as if time is going in a whirlwind.  Before we jump too fast into 2009, let’s reflect a bit on what your world was like for the 08.

1. What was your greatest personal success?  A goal you wanted to reach when the year started?

2. What was your most enjoyable time?

3. Did you lose someone significant to death?

4. What made you laugh the hardest?

5. What was your greatest act of kindness?

6. What great blessing did you receive from God or man?

7. Is there something you said or did that you would take back?

8. Discover any great new restaurants that have now become a favorite?

9. What news story rocked your world the most?

10. Favorite movie of 08?

Friday we will talk about goals and dreams for 2009.

**Thank you to all who took the time to visit us here at bbg (blessed, broken, & given) in 2008. 

Happy New Year ~ Grace & Peace – cmac

One thought on “Relections Of…

  1. Abbey says:


    Hope you reach your life goals in the new year

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