Sleeping Dogs Awake

North Korea
What should not be lost in all of this, and what the media should pick up on is the position that George Bush, Dick Cheney and their followers have put us in with the war in Iraq specifically as well as Afghanistan to a lesser degree.  We put Saddam in the ground alright, though now Cheney admitted recently what we already knew which was that he was simply one of many dictators who had no link to 9-11.  But the bottom like is that Kim Jong Il knows full and well that our military as great as it’s been, is tremendously overextended.  Our “war on terror” does not have a definite end, and we are caught up trying to stay alive in the desert sands of underdeveloped third world nations. 
With all of that said to borrow an old school phrase, North Korea is smelling their piss and showing their ass daring anyone to say anything to them.
As it stands these brigdge to nowhere wars have put us in a vulnerable position.   Make no mistake about it.  North Korea is for real. 
And while Americans are caught up in the rhetoric of a Rush Limbaugh and these racial politics, the real dangers are lurking half a world away in full time speed.
Keep on defending yourself and your legacy Dick. 
Hannity, Dobbs, keep on attacking the current president over stupid stuff.  The future for our children and grandchildren looks great!
North Korea

One thought on “Sleeping Dogs Awake

  1. Alan says:


    It’s getting the coverage it deserves in the eyes of the US press. And that’s practically very little if none at all ! It’ll be left to the inane buffoons over at Fox give you their own spin and diatribe on it all.

    Their perspective on all things foreign in terms of international affairs borders on xenophobia and not much else. My good you’ve only got to look at who they look to give you their so called perspective on it all . Their knowledge borders on idiocy to say the very least.

    When it comes to real journalism on the international front . The country has a thing or two to learn from their counterparts abroad. Especially on the European front.

    Alan aka tophatal ………..

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