The College and University Hustle

When I went to school, one of the things that amazed me was the way colleges get over on things like books.  I mean I would buy a used text book for $100 sometimes that I was only going to use for 8 weeks.  Then when I’d take the book back they’d give me $20 for it.  Of course they sell the jenk for $100 again since it’s still in great condition.  I would say to myself, “Ya’ll sho nuff some pimps for real!”

I recently got a hold of a brochure for another college hustle.  Bed sheets.  That’s right.  It seems that the beds in some of these colleges are not made like standard beds you buy for your home.  Therefore you have to get these special made sheets to fit them.  Check out how this brochure reads from the UMKC (University of Missouri Kansas City) Residential Life Business Office:



In previous years, some students always showed up with sheets that did not fit the beds on campus.  Parents were frustrated, and some students were left literally “short sheeted” and unable to properly make their beds.  This is not how we want your student’s first nights at the University of Missouri-Kansas City to be remembered.

To solve this problem, we made a special arrangements last year with a manufacturer to reserve one set of custom-fitted, first quality linens for each student.  This ensured that these hard-to-find sheets, comforters and mattress pads met our size and quality requirements.  It also allowed us to pass along a good deal to new students.

Over 70% of buyers purchased one of the convenient, discounted Value Paks.  Each features significant savings with free bonus items.  With a choice of 3 Value Paks in over 20 color combinations, it’s an easy and affordable way to get everything you need all at once.  Value Paks are also shipped to your home free.

(BBG’s notes – now check out the next part)

The program was a huge success.  On move-in day, students who took advantage of the program were able to make their beds without hassle, and parents thanked us for eliminating a time consuming search.  That’s why we are endorsing the program again this year.

**** I could go on with the rest of the form, but I think you get the point by now.  These sheets and Value Paks which include towels and pillows for instance start from $125 – $200.  This hustle from making the beds an unusual size so that one cannot bring their own sheets.  At least that is what it seems to be saying. 

 Perhaps the beds are the same as any twin or standard college dorm bed.  Regardless it’s hilarious to me.  The only thing they need in this brochure was a picture of Billy Mays. 

If my sheets didn’t “fit” just right that I’d brought from home, I think I would have managed OK with that.

One thought on “The College and University Hustle

  1. Alan says:


    In some ways I’m glad I did the military thing first. As it thought me a sense of purpose and discipline. I spent 6 1/2 years serving in the British military (Royal Marines …. instructor teaching martial arts) and also served all over . In various parts of N Africa , Europe as well as having seen combat action in Ireland. I lost several buddies there.

    Having served , I left the military and went to work within the financial district of the city of London ….. known as the Mile . There you’ve got all of the major financial institutions of the world. And there’s money moved there electronically than the NYSE and in Geneva combined on a daily basis.

    Got my grounding there for all things concerning finance , investment banking and slew of other topics . As they’re all intertwined with the political climate. The institutions that I worked for paid for my education for which I’m indebted to them. I attained an MBA and degrees also in Economics and Int’l Finance. All of that from the prestigious schools LSE (London School of Economics) UCL (University College London) . The latter’s most famous graduate is none other than Mohanes K Ghandhi . He got his law degree from that venerable establishment.

    Alan aka tophatal ………

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