2 thoughts on “Lessons In Campaign Spending (Click on the pic for the full view)

  1. chaze77 says:

    Man- I gotta get to work, and here you are postin’ sh*t that I can’t help but comment on.

    If I lose my job, you’re supporting me. Just sayin’.

    Anyway, it has now come out that Palin spent WAY more than the previously admitted-to $150,000 on her new duds… and was actually buying thousands of dollars worth of new clothes for her hubby and kids, in addition to herself.

    When the story broke that she was such a clothes-whore, the RNC cut her off… she was no longer allowed to use their funds to support her shopping habit.

    Did that stop our adorable little Pitbull-in-lipstick?


    She instead had STAFFERS put her clothing purchases on their personal credit cards… tens of thousands of dollars worth…

    The problem?

    Now they’re starting to turn in all their receipts for reimbursement.

    If she wasn’t OUT of the GOP after helping John McCain lose this election, she certainly will be now.

    She’ll have to come up with her own political party, cuz after the dust settles in Republican-world, they won’t want sh*t to do with her moose-huntin’ ass!

  2. Abbey says:

    man see
    thats more than Id make in ummm 3 years, and if they didnt take any money out for ANYTHING
    must be nice
    clothes dont fix stupid and creepy tho

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