A Free Man! ~ and the “Buckwheat Speaks” award goes to…

SHELBY STEELE! The author of “A Bound Man,” Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can’t Win

Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win                              








This “Yassir Boss” has spent his entire career dogging other black people out for a living.  He failed to recognize the strength of the president’s (oh did I just say PRESIDENT?) I think I did!  Ahem…. he failed to recognize the strength, the fortitude, the class and dignity of our new president! 

Hey Shelby!  I got an idea for your next book!  “Buckwheat Eats Crow!”

3 thoughts on “A Free Man! ~ and the “Buckwheat Speaks” award goes to…

  1. Abbey says:

    go get’em Obama, show’em the stuff legends are made of.
    I wonder how that shoe tastes now that dude has to pull his foot out his mouth.

  2. chaze77 says:

    Buckwheat Eats Crow?!?!

    That was below the line, Cmac!

    … But really, really funny.

    That line actually had me laughing out loud… and you know I don’t do that too often.

  3. bbgcmac says:

    Below what line??? This dude went to the trouble of writing a whole entire entire book.. not a paper, nor an article..a BOOK on why Obama would not win… not cause he wanted him to either mind you. No – I’m just helping poor Buckwheat out with his sequel is all.

    Glad it made you laugh though ~ Out loud is the best!

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