Showing Some Love for the Fallen Innocent Servants

Leonard Riggins

For those who don’t live in the St. Louis area, you may or may not have heard of the tragedy of this St. Louis Firefighter who was shot and killed by a carjacker on Wednesday the day after the election.  Leonard Riggins was in his fire department vehicle as he approached an accident.  Though off duty he stopped anyway.  Unfortunately the accident was caused by a car jacker who then shot Riggins in the chest. 

Later that suspect was shot and killed by police.  (I ain’t mad about it either… though it doesn’t bring Riggins back…. not saying thats right, just being real about it.)

Many thoughts and prayers to Rigginn’s family as well as his brothers and sisters with the Fire Department.

Also a week ago University City Police Officer Sgt. Michael King 50, was also shot and killed while sitting in his partrol car.  A suspect has been arrested and we hope they get the right person so justice can be served.  King was buried on Tuesday, November 4.

These senseless killings need to stop!

 casket of Sgt. Michael King

4 thoughts on “Showing Some Love for the Fallen Innocent Servants

  1. Izak says:

    Hey guys sorry to hear about the death of a brother, though I’m from South Africa, he is stil one of us. Our prayers go out to all our brothers and sisters all over the world. Keep up the good work and keep your heads up.

  2. chaze77 says:

    Agreed. The senseless killing needs to stop.

    I heard on the news that the guy who killed the U. City officer wanted to make a “statement”…

    … That he was tired of black people and minorities being unfairly targeted by police officers.

    What a horrific way to make a statement.

    The only statement he made, in killing an innocent man, is his capacity for violence- and evil.

    This has to stop.

  3. bbgcmac says:

    Yea Chaze he will be making a statement alright. The statement is that he took an innocent life and in Missouri, more than likely his will be taken as well.

    Thanks for the love Izak – and much love to my brothers and sisters in the South Africa! I am looking forward to my first visit to the Mother Land!

  4. Kenny says:

    I’m not from the area in which this happened, but anytime something of this nature happens, it affects us all. I hope his family is coping with this in the most effective way possible for them.

    My apologies for the delayed response. I need to do better at checking comments. The movie (Miracle At St. Anna) was pretty close to the book, surprisingly. There weren’t too many moments that I got angry in the theater. It was pretty good.

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