Fantasy Government

fantasy_islandSince we’ve elected the first President of African descent, it got me to thinking about some things.  Obviously President Obama is a well qualified man with a plan for the country.  I am confident we are a lot better off than we were the last 8 years.  He is just the man for this time too.  I think he will be an amazing president.

However, when you consider that W was in office for 8 years, (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) and the fact that even this year Sarah (The shopaholic I don’t know the countries in NATO and I didn’t know Africa was a continent- isn’t it just a country?) Palin got several million votes partnering with McCain for the highest office, I’m thinking that the criteria has slipped some just for them to expect to win.  I hope President Obama’s tenure will again raise the bar to where it needs to be both intellectually and morally.

Meanwhile, I figure we can have a little fun.  If Palin can come out of nowhere and not know a damn thing and get all those votes with McCain – then most any of us could have been president huh? 

My question to you is if you were to be president, what would you change about the nation?  Never-mind congress and vetoes.  In this game you are the Commander in Chief with all powers!  Give me something, … anything you could change big or small significant or minuscule.  What would you do with the economy, the war, or erectile dysfunction commercials where guys throw footballs through tires. 

Sidebar –  Boy is that subtle huh?  Uhhh what does that mean?  Getting the football through the hole in the tire… I don’t get it. 

You get the point.  Its wide open so take your shot at change!  What will it be?   

They got fantasy football, baseball and basketball.  Now we have Fantasy Government!


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Government

  1. chaze77 says:

    If I were in charge…

    First and foremost, it would immediately become law that all McDonald’s double cheeseburgers- nationwide- are on the dollar menu. None of this “only at participating stores” nonsense.

    Coffee will immediately be deemed America’s National Drink… and the Colonel’s successors will be required to turn over their “secret recipe” for chicken- or will be required to serve a sentence, not to exceed their natural life, at Guantanamo Bay.

    Once we got the sustenance stuff all worked out, I would then begin the daunting task of eliminating daycare costs, and making the offense of being a dead-beat dad a crime that is punishable by death.

    Next, I would move on stem cell research (we need it!!), gay rights, women’s reproductive rights, and healthcare.

    I can accomplish all of it too- just give me my cheeseburgers and coffee- and solve that pesky chicken recipe riddle- and I will be good to go!

    C-Haze for President!!!

  2. diane says:

    hummmm , well , i think i would like all the top chefs of the world to compete in a pancake and crepe cook off. the winner would be the new white house chef!!!!

  3. chaze77 says:

    I’m humbled by your support! I will likely announce my candidacy on this site… or perhaps on my own blog…

    Regardless, I hope you like cheeseburgers, cuz once I’m the head honcho, the world’s gonna have a surplus of them- and coffee too.

    I must say, while Gramps over here is a great blogger…

    … There’s also some pretty good stuff posted by this dope 30-year-old-halfrican-chick I know… and it’s a mere click away (ok, ok, so I’m putting in a shameless plug for my own site)! 😉

    Anyway, hope to see ya over there sometime…

    C-Haze for President!

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