My President’s A Baller!


People may think that Barack Obama just likes to play ball for the heck of it.  But the game of basketball is a thinking man’s game.  And there are many metaphors between the game itself and life.  I am sure that his ability to understand the game, teamwork, and strategies will help him lead his administration as he plays the most important role of his career.

Still I’m wondering… if you play ball with the president, can you argue a foul call with him?  If you foul him too hard will the secret service take you to jail?  If you steal his ball or dunk on him, will your life as an American be toast? 

I’m just saying… I notice no one is trying to block that shot!  Hmmmm……

3 thoughts on “My President’s A Baller!

  1. nikki indigo says:

    damn, why wasn’t bush a baller? i’m sure all kinds of folk would have fouled his ass and damn the consequences.

  2. YO SON Christian says:

    LOL ^

    haah daddy if you were playin ball with our president wat would YOU DO? i know I wouldnt risk pushing him and getting pummeled by the SS

  3. bbgcmac says:

    Nikki… I think your right! But I am sure he has no rhythm. Did you see that “dance” he tried in Africa?

    Christian… You got to know Obama is a serious baller. So I’d have to play him straight up cause he wouldn’t respect you otherwise.

    Remember that is what Michelle had her brothers do when they first me. Take him out for B-Ball to test his mettle. They gave him the business and wanted to see what he would do. He got “bout it” right back at them and got their approval. They came back with the report…”Uhhh Sis… yea he’s alright – your boy ain’t no punk. He passed.” LOL

    Hey her brother is the head basktball coach at Oregon State! Look him up!

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