Not Teflon Rod, or The Govenor with No Clothes

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Memo to Blagoyo-bribe – Look in that mirror!  Your approval ratings are in the single digits, nobody wants you to be govenor any longer and sure maybe no money had been exchanged for the Senate seat you tried to clutch with your bloody holves – but you are in a dream world if you think you can just maintain showing up for work everday like ain’t shit happened.  As long as they have been after you,  I can only imagine the corruption you got away with!  I am sure there are many more as well but they haven’t been busted yet.  YOU HAVE!

So get a grip!  WALK.  Cut a deal with the Feds – MOVE ON!  Your name is NOT Teflon Rod.  Forgetaboutit!

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