Pick One

Barack and Michelle or Will and Jada (Coolest couple to hang with for a night)

Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles

Denzel Washington or Billy D Williams (heart throbs in their prime)

Denzel or Sidney Portier (acting skills only)

Dianne Carroll or Ruby Dee 

The Grammys or the AMA’s

Bird or Miles

Venus or Serena

Cracker Barrell or IHOP

The Pope or the Dalai Lama (to dine & have have an open and honest dialogue with about religion & world affairs)

Malcolm or Martin (one conversation…why)

OJ or Clarence Thomas (black folks that black folk don’t care about the most)

OJ or Osama (person of color Whites hate the most)

Rush or Hannity (most ignorant racist in media)

The Five Heartbeats or The Temptations

Hannible Lecter or Kevin Spacey in Se7en (coldest criminal)

4 thoughts on “Pick One

  1. Abbey says:

    Id have to say I would do best hangin with Will & Jada for an evening as awesome as Barak & Michelle are I think Im way too goofy 🙂

    IHOP most deff

    The Dalai Lama I just really wanna be able to go lamalamalamalama Not sure if I would really want to get on a Religious debate with either of them tho way outta my league

    Not sure if I can choose between Hannible Lector or Kevin Spacey both awesome characters played by wonderful actors.

  2. Rich says:

    Will and Jada

    Stevie Wonder

    Billy D Williams – Billy Dee was the man back in the day

    Denzel (he’s had more range in his characters)

    Dianne Carroll

    The Grammys


    Serena – gotta have a$$ for days

    Cracker Barrell

    The Dalai Lama

    Malcolm or Martin (one conversation…why)

    OJ or Clarence Thomas – It’s a TIE!

    OJ (person of color Whites hate the most)


    The Five Heartbeats

    Hannible Lecter or Kevin Spacey in Se7en (coldest criminal) — I need to watch Se7en this weekend, then I’ll let you know.

  3. YO SON Christian says:

    Barack n Michelle
    Ray Charles
    Denzel “(cause he’s just my favorite)
    IHOP more variety and i dont really digg the “ol’ ye kitchen” look in Cracker Barrel lol
    aww man! daddy! Hannible Lector or Kevin Spaceys Character in Se7en? awww dude….i think when Brad found girls head in the box was more shocking than Hannible’s eat the guards stunt! but dont get me wrong!!! BOTH ARE GREAT but Spacey is one of my favorite actors regardless

  4. bbgcmac says:

    Christian, Did you just smack Cracker Barrel as having the “ole ye kitchen look?” What are you trying to say they are like the 14th Century? LOL! Dude you straight had me cracking up at that one! LOL

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