Thieves At The Airport

Watch your baggage at the airport.  You may not want to put your most valuable things in the checked in baggage.  This may happen in more places than St. Louis.  I hope they can make this a federal crime!  Jerks!

Basketball Jones and Hoops Junkies Week; Day 4


You are looking at pictures from a Seattle highway in the middle of rush hour.  But there are hardly any cars on this normally packed section.  It seems that Brackethoopolus has taken over this region and many of the regions across the nation.  Thousands upon thousands have called in sick.  It’s an epidemic!  It is predicted that many who do show up will take extended lunches or leave work early. 

Corporate work production will be lost in the billions.  But bars and pizza parlors are expecting a large windfall.   

Welcome to the NCAA Basketball Tournament!