Poems By Resonate’ Tears






I cry for our nation full of more competition than compassion

For the backbiting over colors

And the backstabbing within them

I cry


I cry for the joblessness sweeping our nation

As politicians cater to the desires of the few 

While the needs of the many are ignored

I cry


I cry for the people I love whom I’ve let down

My good intention paves the road to disappointment

No matter how hard I try

I cry


I cry for the emptiness in my heart

The loneliness I feel putting out and out and out

The screams of my heart crying out only drowned out

By the noise of apathy 

I cry


I Cry

I cry for peace, internal satisfaction

Universal wisdom and holistic health

Love unconditional and internal wealth

Love for God love of self

A safe place to catch my breath

I cry


 Resonate’ © 2009