When Prayer and Consultation are Not The Answers, Google!

This is some of the funniest stuff I have ever read.  Pope Benedict XVI lifts the excommunication status of one of his bishops Richard Williamson who is an denier of history and an apparent anti-Semite.  The bishop didn’t believe the Holocaust really happened and expressed his views quite openly.  This is the funny part to me:

“I have been told that consulting the information available on the Internet would have made it possible to perceive the problem early on.

“I have learned the lesson that in the future the Holy See will have to pay greater attention to that source of news.”  Pope Benedict XVI’s letter to bishops.

Uhhh here is another idea dear pontiff.  If your not too sure about the cats in your camp representing the church, googling is one thing and sure there is a wealth of information there.  Some is true and some is not.  But I am sure you could have asked a few people within your organization about Williamson and there are agencies that do background checks.  You can pay a fee and they will give you any information necessary to empower you to make better informed decision.  I know that budget has been stretched a bit, but mix in a private investigator or two.  These things are avoidable. 

Come on, is that the best you’ve got?  “We should have googled dude?”  Michael Steele think’s that’s weak!