Can’t Truss It!

In this March 24, 2007 file photo. Karl Rove prepares to address the Jackson

You know our president says that things are going to be different in that government will be more transparent than in recent years.  And I am not saying this situation is on him cause he has other things to deal with. 

But the fact that Karl Rove and Harriet Miers are going to be questioned under oath regarding the attorney firings of the Bush administration in secret is appalling to me. 

I am so tired of people being able to break the law, lie to congress or whatever and get off.  What purpose does it serve to question these people under oath in private?  This is a major public issue at hand.  I can safely say as well that no one is going to be called out.  No one is going to be charged with anything or subject to any punishment criminally or civilly.  The best one can hope for is a leak which would already be stating the obvious.  Not to mention if they lie under oath as they have before, there are no reporters who are able to fact find and double check ala Alex Rodriguez’s doping press conference. 

They say you can’t lie to congress or the feds and get away with it.  The truth is that only some can’t lie to either of these.   For instance Karl Rove, Roger Clemens, and Roland Burris can, but Marion Jones and Martha Stewart can’t. 

If nothing is going to be done about crimes or other illegalities,  I say just leave it alone.

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