Facing Faults and Fears Part 2 ~ High Anxiety

I am flat out afraid of heights!  Period!

Now the funny thing is this:

I love riding in airplanes

I would fly in a space shuttle to outer space if they let me and would relish being able to see the earth from orbit

I would probably jump from a plane as long as I am attached to a trained parachute instructor. 

But stand me out on the roof of a house, or on the balcony of a large apartment building?  Oh hell naw!

It seems that if there is something secure like a glass wall between me and the fall, then I am cool with it.  But if it’s me bare with the space between where I stand and the several hundred feet down from where I don’t want to be in 3.5 seconds I clam up and get a serious anxiety attack.

I work at a company that has several buildings that are all attached through indoor walkways.  The fitness center is on the 6th floor.  In order to get to it from my building, you have to walk from building D to building A where there is this walkway that overlooks the second floor.  Every time I walk to and from the fitness center I briefly peek over to the ground.  EEEEK!

For whatever reason the reality of how close the railing is to a major gravity experience always comes to my mind instead of what a wonderful view it can be.  I don’t even allow my kids to walk close to a 2nd floor railing at mall!  We all walk towards the merchant sides of the building.

Is this a condition that will haunt me forever?  Where did it come from?  Have I seen too many movies of people falling off things?  I just don’t know.

One thought on “Facing Faults and Fears Part 2 ~ High Anxiety

  1. YO SON Christian says:

    WOAH DADDY! IM THE EXACT SAME WAY. i mean i dont even know what else to mention that would illustrate how ON POINT you and me are with heights. its the SAME thing!

    i could jump out of a plane but standing over a bridge or anything like that im like O.O my legs get cold and wobbly and i just wanna get off! lol
    i just think the wind is guna SUDDENLY grow some balls and blow me off the bridge and have an “accident”.

    and y’know?….it JUST MIGHT BE movies. because when im on the edge of something or near SOME possible site of an “accident” i always think of Final Destination where “Death” is killing people and the hung corpse or decapitated body is viewed as a “horrible accident” lol. i mean WHOSE TO SAY DIFFERENT!? that mofo is DEAD!

    lol so i think Film JUST may have a say in fear of “accidents” and heights happen to be one of them.

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